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President Trump and PM of Spain Rajoy met in U.S.

Mr. Rajoy visited the White House 40 days (5 weeks + 5 days) after the horrible Barcelona terrorist attack
September 27, 2017 8:00 AM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: September 30, 2018 11:39 AM EST

On September 26, 2017, the MSM reported that the U.S. President Donald J. Trump and his Spanish counterpart Mariano Rajoy, met in Washington, and then both had a joint press conference. Rajoy said he will be delaying the budget in Parliament because of needed support to approve it, and doesn't think about calling early elections. The regional government in Catalonia is holding a binding referendum Sunday on separating from Spain. The Spanish government insists such a vote is illegal and promises it won’t take place. Trump stated that the Catalonia people love their country and would not want to leave; he has great respect for the country, and it would be foolish for Catalonia to leave Spain. Trump discussed relief efforts in Puerto Rico after hurricanes devastate US territory. Trump was then asked for his reaction to North Korean threats to shoot down U.S. planes, and he answered that U.S. could use a second option, if a diplomacy doesn't work, and this will be "devastating" for North Korea, if U.S. takes it.  The President mentioned that he's not 'preoccupied' by NFL protests, but 'ashamed' by them! Rajoy, on the other hand, said he and Trump agreed the North Korean regime is in "intolerable" violation to the international legality and his Government will step up on sanctions against North Korea.  Rajoy said Spain wants a bilateral relationship with the United States: "The relationship between the two countries has been excellent." Trump repeated the word "reciprocal" twice, referring to fair trade deals, beneficial to all parties, including the United States. Let's look at some Gematria: The PM Rajoy visits the White House 40 days (5 weeks + 5 days) after the Barcelona terrorist attacks. #40th Prime Nu.# is #173. Note, "Manipulation" = 173 in EK#1. Nu. #40 x 2 is #80, confirming the Numerology of #80 for September 26, 2017. "Black Magic controls you" = 80 in LRG5 wks. and 5 d. make the number #55.  #40 and #55 were present in prior terror acts and events we covered: #55 means "strong, excellency"; "Star of David"=55  in LRG, "Freemasons" = 55 in LRG; "Abaddon"=55 in EK#1; "Abaddon"('Satan') is seen in Revelation 9:11  of the Bible. #55 was part of the Berlin terror hoax. Also, "CoveOps" = 40 in LRG. The word "Life" in Latin Gematria Equals exactly 40. "Life" also in English Gematria is #192. Hence, September 26 is a day with Numerology of (exactly) #192! See how is all scripted? Further, "a False flag" = 40 in LRG and also "a False flag" = 80 in EK#3! A perfect match with the above! The meeting between the 2 heads took place 960 hours after Barcelona Terrorist Attack. #960 could make the #96 (In Hebrew,  in general, zeros are omitted!), which matches the following Numerology: Sep. 26 is the 269th d. of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are exactly #96 days left until the end of the year! Meeting perfectly scheduled "by the numbers". Note, "False flag terror event" = 96 in LRG, suggesting Barcelona terrorist attack was a "false flag terror event". I want to focus on the fact that President Trump held the joint PCon. with the Spanish President Rajoy exactly on September 26 at 1:45 p.m., see his calendar.  Everyone is familiar with the Illuminati Cards. In fact, Illuminati Card  #133 (#133 being as our favorite # to discuss, means a "Black Magic Ring"!) is called "Charismatic Leader" (in fact, showing potentially Donald Trump before even the elections took place, basically telling you that the "Black Magic Ring" controls everything!):

The phrase "Charismatic Leader" = 80 in Latin Red. Gematria. September 26 is a day with Numerology of #80! Also, see this: "Charismatic Leader" = 145 in EK #3. Time of the Press Conference was 1:45 p.m., i.e., #145! Do you see how everything is done "by the numbers" in the Life Matrix?! Note, "Trump's joint press conference with President Rajoy at the Rose Garden" = 313 in LRG. #313 reversed is exactly #133! Furthermore, note "President DJ Trump holds a joint PC with the Spanish President Rajoy" = 5454 in LG. Needless to say that Sep. 26 is a day with Numerology of #54Well, "Charismatic Leader"=211 in EK#1. "Mason" = 211 in LG. See, the FOX news Conference video below with the strong emphasis of the time: 2:11 p.m. or 211! LOL! Nicely scripted! Now, #211 is the Octal number of #137, which is the #33 Prime! On Sep. 25, in the NBA, Carmelo Anthony Nu. #7 was traded to Play for the Thunder, and the "big three" ended up with the following numbers #: Russell Westbrook #0Paul George #13, and Carmelo Anthony #7, therefore, all 3 make exactly #137, i.e., the #33 PRIME! Everything ties in the Life coded Matrix!

Do you see above #211 "in play"? FOX starts the clip at 2:11!!! No wonder why they put it on the screen!!! 

The length of this video above is exactly 2:05 mins.. You know why? #205 is the Octal number of #133! So again, we got to "our number", discussed here: "Freemasons" = 133 in EK#1, and "Black Magic ring" = 133 in EK#3, and "Secret Society" = 133 in EK#3. (see prior work on 133). Please, go back to Trump's prior article and his visit to Paris to see #112 "in play", the reverse of #211 today, that's just a mockery! Now, when we look at the properties of #133, one of its Divisors is #19. From and including: Thursday, 17 August 2017 (Barcelona Terror attack!) to, but not including, Tuesday, 26 September 2017, there is 1 mo. and 9 days, which makes exactly Nu. #19! ALL coded in the Life Matrix, folks, you just have to know how to find and understand all information! Lastly, both leaders emphasized on two words during the PC: "intolerable"= 155 in EK#1. See #155: "La Rambla, Barcelona"=155 in EK#1, "La Rambla"= 155 in LG, "Freemasonry" = 155 in EK#1, "Robert de Niro" = 155 in EK#2 (de Niro had a birthday on Aug. 17!): all is tied in the Life Matrix. Then, the word "reciprocal" = 311 in LG, "The Beast" = 311 in LG. The Gematria of "reciprocal" word also has a value of #65. Well, the phrase "Black Magic Ring" in English Red. is #65

In summary, this meeting proved once again that we are all in a coded Matrix and politicians are only puppets, and Trump is really having a hard time changing things. MSM continues to manipulate the public by posting scripted materials. I am not the only one, who thinks we are in a Life coded Matrix! Elon Musk agrees with me 100%: Watch Elon Musk, telling you we are actually living in coded* system.  *This is what a "simulation" actually means:

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Milo Georgieff commented on Thursday 7th of December 2017 02:51 AM
Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital:


"Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital December Sixth Two Seventeen" is 322 in Latin Reduction Gematria,

"Skull and Bones" logo is 322, more, "Israel" 34 in Latin Reduction Gematria, matching the Numerology of 34 today; also 45 Numerology is present today (Trump is the 45th President), 26 and 17, equal "God" is also in the Numerology list today - "all done by the Numbers"...

If you still don't believe in the Matrix, think twice! To all, who have absolutely NO idea about the world they LIVE in, let me explain something about the "cracking of the code": This is not an easy thing to do, for a simple reason - picture the Matrix and the entire Universe: If every single thing in life, in fact, is coded (this is what a Matrix is!), based on the circumstances, certain scenario does or does not take a place, respectively, certain coded scenario does or does not happen. Therefore, prediction for the outcome of certain events is still very, very difficult, but yet, using the codes, could put you in a much better position to discover the correct path of an event in life, than all of those, who are totally blind and lost in this CODED world, and doing nothing...

As we are improving our knowledge daily, I am hopeful, one day we can have more answers about the Matrix. This is much better approach than sitting down and doing nothing, and remain delusional or being an emotional egocentric-individual, thinking that he / she knows everything in life already...A sure recipe for disaster! I call such people, pathetic losers in life. will introduce soon 12 more New Calculators for Gematria, that have not been used by anyone, and we hope to improve the "so-called" 'cracking of the code'. All funds raised so far have been given to a programmer to improve and test calculators and maintain our site. I don't need any money myself, since I was long-enough in the investment banking business. Hence, we need to support the site and we need your help to do it! I would rather do something any day of the week instead of being passive; If you do not believe in the Matrix, you will remain delusional for a long time...

Cheers and GOD BLESS You ALL!

Milo Georgieff, MscCE
Milo Georgieff commented on Sunday 3rd of December 2017 03:52 PM
THE MOST IMPORTANT MATCH - Dec 03 Numerology - the same with Aug. 17 Numerology:

"December third two thousand seventeen" 455 in English Kabbalah #3, hence
"August seventeenth two seventeen" 455 in English Kabbalah #2 (Aug. 17 is the date of the Barcelona terror van attack!)

Do you see, how clearly they do it "by the numbers"?! Does anyone need more proof that we're in a LIFE MATRIX?
In reply to: #Milo Georgieff
Milo Georgieff commented on Sunday 3rd of December 2017 03:37 PM
DECEMBER 3, 2017:


Manhunt in NYC after car rams into people, several reported killed & injured - ANOTHER POTENTIAL TERROR ATTACK:

All done by the Numerology of today's date - December 3, 2017:

Today's numbers to follow: 32 (tied to the Las Vegas shooting), 216 (666), 312.

#312 is very interesting and important, in particular, to me:
"The Society of Brothers in Unity" 312 in English Kabbalah #3, the secret society (Yale University);

One of the Divisors of 312 is #156, i.e., the 156th Prime number is #911 (Sep 11), and that's the reason why they did it again today (plus the day of '666')! All done 'by the numbers'!
In reply to: #Milo Georgieff
Commented by: #Milo Georgieff
Milo Georgieff commented on Wednesday 1st of November 2017 04:59 PM
"Five Argentinian friends named among eight killed" 215 in Latin Reduction Gematria,

"six hundred sixty six" (666) equals 215 in Kabbalah #3 Cipher - another terror coverts operation hoax
Commented by: #Milo Georgieff
Milo Georgieff commented on Thursday 19th of October 2017 01:52 AM
Today, October 18, a day with Numerology of 3110, or #311 -"The Beast" (pointing to the "Black Magic Ring", which controls this world), The French Senate has approved the new anti-terrorist bill, proposed on October 3rd, criticized by human rights activists as restrictive of civil liberties. Frances interior minister Gerard Collomb said that nobody is safe in the country as it is still in a state of war. The parliament's lower house, the National Assembly, passed the new legislation in the first reading on October 3, and today was the final approval by the Senate! This was only announced via 1 min. minute news flash presentation by the Sky News Zurich, as the world MSM absolutely did not report on the matter - check out the MSM news today, the only thing you will find, will be the Oct 03rd press, the 1st passage of the Law by the Lower house.

The New Anti-Terrorism Legislation Echoes The PATRIOT Act, Expands Spying Powers And Government Reach. It extends the powers of the Interior Ministry, which will be able to set up security zones without the approval of a judge. See this: Electronic surveillance tags might be imposed on those regarded as a threat to national security(!), while officials will also have more power to close down places of worship deemed by intelligence agencies as inciting violence or justifying terrorism. Inside the zones, the movement of people and vehicles can be restricted and searches can be conducted. Police will also be given wider powers to raid private property with formal judicial approval, check emails, computers, seized whatever they think is appropriate - I call that a Fascism /ˈfæʃɪzəm/ "in action." The new bill is regarded by many as a conversion into common law of emergency measures, which have been in place in France since late 2015. The state of emergency introduced following the Paris attacks in November that year, is set to be lifted on Nov. 9. The new law will be in effect from November 1.

Folks, this bill comes as a result from the Las Vegas shooting hoax, do you see now how they use these hoaxes to limit our Freedoms?
Milo Georgieff commented on Monday 2nd of October 2017 09:04 PM
"Black Magic Ring Kill October second" 133 in Latin Reduction Gematria - this tells you everything!
Milo Georgieff commented on Monday 2nd of October 2017 07:58 PM

Look at this saved video screen from - "LIVE CBSN Coverage" -

"Freemasonry" 58 in Latin Reduction Gematria

It claims #515+ injured, it connects to #155 out number # in play - Barcelona!!! What a Hoax! They are killing innocent people to maintain a "Fascist NEW World Order"!
In reply to: #Milo Georgieff
Milo Georgieff commented on Monday 2nd of October 2017 07:44 PM
Code #911 is also present in the Numerology codes for October 1 as well:

Numbers to follow October 01, 2017:

1, 10, 11, 12, 19, 21, 28, 30, 39, 48, 62, 91, 150, 156, 911. (terror attack in France today).

Notable person's Birthday: Jimmy Carter. He just turned #93.

Gematria: 26, 55, 57, 66, 87, 151, 2442.
In reply to: #Barry T.
Milo Georgieff commented on Monday 2nd of October 2017 07:27 PM
Yes, Barry, and the shooter was staged on the 32nd Floor: 32 is "Black Magic, you know we discussed this # all the time!
In reply to: #Barry T.
Commented by: #Milo Georgieff
Barry T. commented on Monday 2nd of October 2017 07:07 PM
Milo, great job decoding this hoax! This is another terrorist hoax "by the numbers"!
In reply to: #Milo Georgieff
Milo Georgieff commented on Monday 2nd of October 2017 07:05 PM
Huge Terror in Vegas: Las Vegas shooter converted to Islam a few months prior to attack, as ISIS claims responsibility for killing 50 people and injuring hundreds:

Why Las Vegas? ALL "by the numbers" today: "Las Vegas" is 41 in Latin Red. Gematria. #41 is the 13th Prime Number, so #13 is "in play", but look at below - today is a day with #13 Numerology, and #911 and #119 Numerology as well! From 17 August 2017 (Barcelona terror attack) to 2 October 2017 is exactly 6 weeks and 4 days, i.e., #64; #64 Prime is #311, 311 is "The Beast", all done "by the numbers" today!

See the name of the shooter: Stephen Craig Paddock, 64!?! Give me a break! #64 connects to #311 and the above!!! This tied to Barcelona Terror Attacks by the Numbers - #155 is our Number connected to Barcelona (read the article above!) - see this - "One hundred fifty five" is 270 in English Kabbalah #3, but "Stephen Craig Paddock" is 540 in Latin Gematria so #270x2 is #540 - deeply tied!!! "One five five" is 68 in Latin Reduction Gematria, but "Paddock" is also 68 in English Kabbalah #1, all tied in the Life Matrix! "Las Vegas Nevada USA" is carrying by a chance the code of #75 in Latin Reduction Gematria; Well, #75 equals "New World Order"In English S Gematria, and also "Order Out of Chaos" is 75 in Latin Reduction Gematria! So, Las Vegas is chosen "by the numbers" just to show you, who is in charge here!
Commented by: #Barry T.
Milo Georgieff commented on Wednesday 27th of September 2017 04:49 PM
Thank you, Ranger 77!
In reply to: #Ranger 77
Ranger 77 commented on Wednesday 27th of September 2017 04:48 PM
Milo, good job! Congratulations! We're all so proud of you! Keep going!
In reply to: #Milo Georgieff
Commented by: #Milo Georgieff
Milo Georgieff commented on Wednesday 27th of September 2017 04:47 PM
Barry, we are getting close! Stay hot in MLB, you, Steve R., and Mike were simply unstoppable in the last 5 days, a 17-0 run?! Give me a break guys! That's unreal! The codes work!
In reply to: #Barry T.
Commented by: #Ranger 77
Barry T. commented on Wednesday 27th of September 2017 04:45 PM
Milo, great work, as usual! Sending you more MLB picks tonight by email! Hope to have the platform ready, so we can stop those emails:)
Be good and keep up the excellent work! Those codes are amazing!
Commented by: #Milo Georgieff


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