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George Michael's end: 'Hit and Run' or died peacefully?

FLASHBACK: The real story of Wham! singer and creator of "Last Christmas" - died at 53, X-mas 2016!
July 11, 2017 12:00 PM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: January 15, 2019 9:34 AM EST

The mainstream media reported on Christmas day that one of the top pop superstars in the world, the former Wham! singer George Michael, 'died peacefully at his home' aged just 53. His manager, Michael Lippman, claimed the singer had died from 'heart failure' in bed. Telegraph: "a suspected heart failure is being treated by police as "unexplained, but not suspicious". Michael was set to release a bio-film in 2017. He became famous as half of the British group Wham!, known for their hits 'Club Tropicana' and 'Last Christmas'. The British pop duo released their entire debut studio album 'Fantastic' on 9 July 1983 (first song of the album, 'Enjoy What You Do', was released on June of 1982). Michael, who was born as Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (Greek descent), had 11 UK No. 1s, sold more than 100 mil. albums during a career spanning, almost 4 decades. His last album, 'Symphonica', was released in March, 14, 2014, as the "last song" of the track listing is named "You've Changed". George Michael's death left Elton John 'deeply shocked' as he lost his 'beloved friend'. Elton John joined host of stars to pay tribute to Michael. News, released by Daily Mail stated that Michael battled 'secret lung problems', ever since suffering a serious bout of pneumonia in 2011. Let's look at Gematria: First, 53, since this is the age he died at. 53 is the 16th PRIME. 53 written in hexadecimal is 35. ("Yahweh"=35 in LRG, "True"=16 in LRG). Note, the word "Angel"=53 in English Kabbalah #1(EK#1). "Masons"=53 in EK#1; "Sacrifice"=53 in LRG. 53 stands for "to wipe off men (get rid of them), to act the madman, pain, poison, the Sun, Yah is God". When we do text analysis of the Revelation 9:11 of the Bible, the Strong's Concordance (Strong listed numbers for every Greek & Hebrew root word, which was found in the Bible, for reference and future use) of the word "Angel" was numbered 32. Note, 32 is tied with "Black Magic", as we discussed it here many times. (Our work on "Black Magic" is here.) "Black  Magic"=32 in Latin Reduction Gematria (LRG). "Square"=32 in LRG. Michael's original name "Georgios Panayiotou"=93 in LRG. 93 stands for "to cover (hidden), covering  - hiding, veil, shut up [keep secrecy], and ties up well with the story of the UFO expert Max Spiers (53 Gematria code). Interesting enough, the phrase "Masons"=93 in EK#2. So, the guy is tied to the "Masons" by name from birth and by age he died (53).  It is amazing to see how everything is connected in the Life Matrix. The word "Georgios" has Gematria codes of 55, 84133. Note, the name of his last song "You've Changed"=55 in LRG; Dec. 25, 2016 is a date with numerology of 55 as well (12+25+2+16).  55 is "grave, to go away, disappear, be gone, die, to pass away, vanish, conclusion". 55 also means "strong, excellency"; "Star of David"= 55 in LRG, "Freemasons" = 55 in LRG; "Abaddon"= 55 in EK#1, the word "Abaddon"('Satan') is seen in Revelation 9:11 of the Bible.  55 was part of the Berlin terror hoax. Note, "Lung problems" =55 in LRG. Amazingly, it appears, the name of this guy and his last song are pointing 'vanish' (the same way as with Max Spiers). Nevertheless, "Secret Lung Problems" = 266 in EK#1. The common multiple (CM) of 133 is 266. Thus, 133 (Gem. of "Georgios") and 266 are deeply tied. Note, the media phrase "as unexplained, but not suspicious"=133 in LRG. You see again how 'scripted' the news is;  More on 133: It means "a change, suit of clothes (artists do that), change of life, to smite, stumbling". 133th PRIME is 751. Note, "George Michael died December twenty fifth two sixteen"=751  as well, in EK#1:  Interesting connection between his original name and the date he died; and to finish with 133, lastly, his full original name "Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou"=133 in LRG;  Hence, "Freemasons" =133 in EK#1, "Instant Attack" =133 in EK#3, and "Sacrifice"=133 in EK#1. (We will use the last 2 going forward). Interesting enough, the term "Mount Sinai"=133 in EK#3. Mount Sinai: a mountain at which the Ten Commandments were given to Moses by God. A hint: "Ten Commandments" = 235 in EK#1. 235 is significant: it does not stand for dates, as May 23, etc., it is just a code. Also, "Ten Commandments"=55 in LRG, tying up to all '55s' above, including Michael's original name and last song. Please, remember  84, tied with the Gematria (EK#3) of his name "Georgios". 84 was present in the Berlin terror hoax as well. Note, "Black Magic"=84 in EK#3. Furthermore, Michael's original last name "Panayiotou"=110 in EK#3. 110 stands for "God's Acquaintance", "to move or go", which connects 110 to 590 in Hebrew. On the other hand, 590 means "settled or fixed time (in life), tenthten", directly tied to 111. 111 we analyzed numerous times: It stands for "troubles, ultimately to fall or sink". "Revelation"=111 in EK#3. 111 is tied with 150 in Hebrew Gematria ("combination of numbers"). This is significant, note, "six six six (666)"=150 in EK#1. "Prophecy"=666 in Latin Gematria(LG). Michael's original last name is already (in Hebrew Gematria meanings) tied to the Number in Question 666. Note: "Christmas Day two sixteen" =111  in LRG. In addition, "Panayiotou" = 159 in EK#2 and 911 in Latin Gematria (LG). Remember those 2 because we will get back to them. Let's look at Gematria codes of the artistic name "George Michael": 68 in LRG, 180 in EK#1, and 188 in EK#2. The codes stand for "Wise, grace, beauty, free, a female bard (a singer-poet; one, singing ballads; he was also gay), to move away, tear oneself away, to be alienated, Shining, to be bent or crooked". We want to chronologically analyze Michael's important songs and albums in order to find any clues for his death that still puzzle us today. As I mentioned above, the first Wham! album, Fantastic!, was released in Britain, and climbed as high as the No. 4 spot on the charts there. Let's look at the Gematria codes now: "Wham!"=37 in EK#3. 37 is a prime factor and lcm of (666), thus 37 is deeply tied to 666. The phrase "Instant Attack" =37 in LRG. 37 is the 12th PRIME (12, a perfect no.). Note: "a Compass"=37 in LRG. "Wham!" also has Gemat. codes 21, 29; "Abaddon"=21 in LRG; "Apollyon" =29  in LRG. "Abaddon" and "Apollyon" (names for 'Satan') are seen in Revelation 9:11  of the Bible. It appears, the duo chose a name tied with 'Satan', Black Magic and Freemasonry from the beginning. Conspiracy Theorists would claim the 2 singers sold their souls to 'Satan' at that point. On the other hand, the name of the album "Fantastic!" has Gematria codes of 3581115123. They mean "Yahweh, a Jew, a Hebrew, I will trust in God, two persons, seat of judgment, be strong, join together, grace, blast, delight/enjoyment". Remember those codes, we will come back to them. Note, "Brainwash" =123 in EK#2. From the release of Fantastic (9 July 1983) to the date George Michael died there is a time span of 12,223 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date or 33 years, 5 months, 16 days (makes the no. 516). If we separate the first number into 2 parts, 12 and 223, we get the following: 12 ties with 37 (see above), i.e. Wham!, 223 means "to Bless" (and it connects to 53 in Hebrew); also, "Masonic" =223 in LG. 33 is "in play" again. 516 is "Happiness, Strength, ruins". Also, "two three five six hundred sixty six two sixteen"=223 in LRG; Keep in mind this as well, we will use it below. 'Wham! duo's second album, "Make It Big" (released October 23, 1984) produced their first number 1 hit in the United States with the song "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" (Rel. May 14 1984). The phrase "Make it Big"=96 in EK#3. 96 is "Beauty, a pursuit, pillar(s)". 96 is also a number of harmony and idealism (for free music). 96th PRIME is 503. If we take into account zero is generally omitted in Hebrew, 503 is 'viewed' as 53 (see above), the age Michael died. The phrase "Go-Go"=68 in EK#2, matching the Gematria of the name 'George Michael' (see above). Also, "Go-Go"=114 in LG, but "Black Magic"=114 in EK#1. From the release of "Make It Big" (Oct. 23, 84) to the date George Michael died (Dec. 25, 2016) there is a time span of 11,751 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date or 32 years, 2 months, 2 days (makes the no. 22). Amazing! We all know 32: "Black Magic"=32 in LRG. Just to remind again about 22: It is considered one of the most powerful numbers. In Hebrew means "to destroy", and it serves the media in a practical way: when you see it, be assured that your mind is being manipulated. The least common multiple (LCM) of 22,33 is 66. It is written lcm(22,33) = 66. 22,33 and 66 are tied. 22, a "Master Number". It also means 'sacrifice'. In other words, a 'Black Magic's sacrifice', which has not only a direct meaning, but also indirect, in terms of 'dedicated to the Black Magic' in order to be successful. However, let's look at 11,751 (days). If we break this number into 2 parts, 11 and 751, we get the following: 11 is tied to 22,33,66 (all multiples of 11). 11 is a Master Number. In Hebrew, 11 means "to slaughter, Mighty One (God)sound of heart beating, hide, festival + festive sacrifice, pleasing". 751 is "a present or gift"; it connects to 101 and 191 in Hebrew, and also means "God sets up, to close, end, to come to an end, finish". Note, 751 is the 133rd PRIME. It points directly to all analysis (above) of 133 (Michael's original full name, etc.). Note, "Black Magic ring"=133 in EK#3: It is all about 133, present in almost every article here! Do you see how everything is connected in the Life Matrix? 751 we also tied up (see above) to Michael's death and Dec. 25, 2016; Amazing! Note, "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go"=98 in LRG. 98 means "to be white, shining, sun, sun image, consecrated to Baal-Haman, the Phoenician Sun God, gratuitously, a sigh, to avenge oneself, to forgive, forgiving". Here is a video of the song "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go":

During the performance in the clip above, George Michael wears a white t-shirt with a sign, "Choose Life". The Gematria of the phrase "Choose Life"=129 in EK#1153 in EK#2, 57 in LRGNote, the word "Conspiracy"=129  in EK#1 and 153 in EK#2. The phrase "Power of Ten"=129 in EK#2. (we will use it below). Note, "An assassination at Christmas"=129 in LRG; The name of his last album, 'Symphonica', has the same Gematria: "Symphonica"=129 in EK#1, and "Symphonica"=153 in EK#2.  Note, "East Finchley"=57 (the place he was born) in LRG. Also, the famous "Book of Numbers"= 57 in LRG. Yet, "Truth"=57 in EK#2, "Masonic Lodge" =57 in LRG, "Black Magic drill"=57 in LRG, and "a heart failure"=57 in LRG. It clearly appears, his life 'was predetermined' from the beginning. Moreover, the supporting singers behind him in this song also wear white t-shirts, but with signs "Go-Go". "Go Go"=114 in Latin Gematria (LG), and 68 in EK#2. Note, "Black  Magic"=114 in EK#1; "heart failure"=114 in EK#3; "prophecy"=68 in EK#3. His name "George Michael"=68 in LRG, matching the Gematria of the sign. On July 13, 1985, Wham! performed to raise funds for Ethiopian famine, at Live Aid, and it was there that Michael and Elton John sang John's classic "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me," at Wembley Stadium in London. Note, "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me"=102 in LRG. 102 is connected to 911, i.e., with disastrous moments and death (another event for Michael, planned by the numbers). When Michael's partner Fadi Fawaz found Michael dead, he tweeted "ITs a xmas", which equals 102 in EK#1. From the date of the performance of the song (9 July, 1983) to the date George Michael died there is a time span of 11,488 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date. if we break 11,488 into 2 numbers (11 and 488), 11 stands for "to slaughter", 488 is "concealment". Note, the Least Common Multiple (LCM) of 244 and 488 is 488 (they both are deeply tied). See this, "George Michael dies on December twenty fifth two sixteen"=244 in LRG. So, the (professional) life of this guy appears to be scripted; "USA ruled by Black Magic"=244 in EK#3. As a solo artist, Michael made an impressive debut with Faith (1987). Note, "Faith" has a Gematria of 29, 54, 70. The word "Angel"=54 in EK#3, it ties to the above analysis and his death at 53. The word "fraud"= 54 in EK#1. See, "Apollyon"=29 in LRG. "Apollyon" ('Satan') is seen in Revelation 9:11 of the Bible. On March 18, 2004, George Michael released the solo album "Patience". it was considered Michael's comeback album. Note, "Patience" = 223 in LG, but the phrase "two three five six hundred sixty six two sixteen"= 223 in LRG. (see above how that album ties with "Fantastic"). Remember this text, we will come back to it shortly. In addition, "Patience" has a Gematria code of 34. Note, "Masonic"=34 in LRG. I want to go back to the album "Make it Big" that has 2 more great songs: On December 10, 1984 was the release of "Everything She Wants", a million-selling Gold-certified hit single by Wham!, on a double A-side with "Last Christmas" (December 03, 1984); both written and produced by George Michael, they became the duo's 3rd and 4th consecutive million-selling hits in the United States. Note, "Everything she wants" = 244 in EK#1, i.e., coding in line with the above analysis and 'scripted dates' of Michael's life. "Last Christmas" has Gematria codes of 114, 140, 172. Note, "Black  Magic" =114 in EK#1, and also connects to "Go Go"(see above). Also, "Black Magic kill: George Michael" =114 in LRG.  Note, "Assassination two three five"=140 in LRG. (we will use this below).

(to be continued in the following weeks)

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Mike commented on Tuesday 11th of July 2017 09:31 PM
Milo, great work! Matrix888 - simply the BEST!
KP commented on Tuesday 11th of July 2017 09:18 PM
Very saddened. George Michael was my favorite. I've listened to him for as long as I can remember. He was an inspiration to many people. Keep up the good work, Milo!
Elizabeth commented on Tuesday 11th of July 2017 09:15 PM
I absolutely loved him! Rest in peace, Michael!
Barry T. commented on Tuesday 11th of July 2017 08:58 PM
Wow, Milo, amazing report! How did you do that, man? This shall be a TEXTBOOK of Gematria! Good Luck!


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