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D. Trump and E. Macron met in Paris on July 13, 2017

Mr. Trump visited Paris, France, 174 days after being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States
July 13, 2017 11:58 PM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: August 30, 2017 8:56 AM EST

On July 13, 2017, the MSM reported that the U.S. President Donald J. Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, met in Paris in "friendly" capacity. The US president has arrived in Paris on the 13th, for a 24-hr. stand, and he was greeted with a show of military pomp by the French leader. Trump and Macron stood together during the welcome ceremony at Les Invalides in Paris. Afterwards, a 1/2 hr. press conference took place at the Élysée presidential palace, as both leaders, claimed they've had discussed “free and fair trade”, “fighting against propaganda”, and continuing to "combat terrorism". Trump said the two countries had an “unbreakable bond”, pledging to draw up a road map for post-conflict Syria, and asserting that the two leaders could work together despite clear differences on climate change. He further acknowledged that France and the U.S. had “occasional disagreements”, but said that would not disrupt a friendship, dated back to the American Revolution. Macron tried to portray himself as Trump’s new “straight-talking” best friend on the international stage. Shortly thereafter, the Trumps had a dinner with the Macrons at the Jules Verne restaurant, Eiffel Tower. On July 14th the U.S. President and his wife Melania attend this year’s Bastille Day celebrations. D. Trump visits Paris exactly 174 days after being sworn in as the 45th President. Note, "six six six" = 174 in EK#2, "Black Magic ring" = 174 in EK#1, and "New World Order" = 174 in Simple Gematria. 174 was just "in play" in the London Bridge attack - click here for that report. Do you see how all events are tied in the Life Matrix? Moreover, July 13th is exactly 29 days after Trump's 71st birthday (06/14). Note, the word "Apollyon" = 29 in LRG. "Apollyon"(name for 'Satan') is seen in Revelation 9:11 of the Bible. Interesting enough, this meeting also takes place exactly 24 days (3 weeks and 3 days!) after the last terror incident in France (the Champs-Élysées car ramming attack, 19.06.). Well, a 24-hour meeting after 24 days! In Hebrew, 24 stands for "Trust, security, "Hoped For", beloved, David". Also, "Trump" = 24 (using the Numerology Calculator 3.4). 3 weeks & 3 days make No.33, i.e., all done 'by the numbers'. Furthermore, "free and fair trade" = 223 in EK#1, but see "Masonic" = 223 in LG, "Patience" = 223 in LG. The phrase "fighting against propaganda"= 312 in EK#1, but "The Society of Brothers in Unity"=312 in EK3. Note, "unbreakable bond" equal 193 in EK#1 and also equal 225 in EK#2, but "Black Magic control"=193 in EK#1, and equal 225 in EK#2. Trump pledged to improve the ties between the 2 countries (lol)See, "Occasional disagreements" =112 in LRG, "Freemason" =112  in EK#2; "Combat terrorism" = 71 in LRG, but "Puppet of Israel" = 71 in LRG. Nothing new, MSM news - mockery and script, as expected. The apotheosis of the scripted news is the phrase "straight-talking", describing how Macron conducts himself with Trump (lol): "Straight-talking" = 133 in EK#3, so again, we got to "our number", discussed here: "Freemasons" = 133 in EK#1, "Black Magic ring" = 133 in EK#3, and "Secret Society" = 133 in EK#3. (see prior work on 133). I want to go back last year, when Trump, while singling out the French capital [that has been the target of many terrorist attacks by Islamic militants in recent years], pointed out thatParis is no longer Paris”.  What a change this time: Trump was asked by journalists about this comment on France being overrun with terrorists and being not fit to visit: he just said Paris “is going to be just fine” mostly because France now has “a great” and “tough” President. Trump then joked to Macron that the French leader 'better not make him look bad'. Hence, we all know Macron was the 'wild card' of the Western elite to keep the 'status quo' going, therefore, the current position of Trump that "Paris and its people will be all set" with their new Puppet is simply laughable. Well, to be fair to Trump, he really had no way out of this one, as the French 'journalists' put him into the corner.  In any event, don't kid yourselves: the terror attacks will not stop and will continue in the same way. Lastly, let's look at more Gematria: "Emmanuel Macron met Donald Trump on July thirteen two seventeen" = 222 in LRG, but "Black Magic ring" = 222 in LG. Today, the MSM just posted Trump's latest remarks: he told Macron the relationship between the United States and France is 'unbreakable'. Note, 'unbreakable' = 33 in LRG.  In summary, this meeting proved once again that all politicians are puppets, and Trump will have a hard time changing things. MSM continues to manipulate the public by posting scripted materials. Watch the video, lasting exactly 24 seconds, in line with the Gematria above:

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