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BREAKING NEWS: Terror in NY, a bomb in Manhattan

Suspect Akayed Ullah, 27, is in custody, and 3 others injured after an explosion in Midtown Manhattan
December 11, 2017 12:38 PM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: April 23, 2018 3:24 PM EST

The New York Police confirmed a New York bomb attack today with a terrorist identified as 27-year old, Akayed Ullah, the MSM reported.'s initial reaction to this incident, all "by the numbers": 

"December eleventh two seventeen,​ Akayed Ullah" = 163 in Latin Reduction Gematria.  Hence, "Make America Great Again"​ = 163 in ​English Ordinal, President Donald Trump is from New York. "December eleventh​,​ Akayed Ullah" = 103 in Latin Reduction Gematria​., but "Six Hundred Sixty Six"​ (666)​ ​= 103 in Latin Reduction Gemat​​ria​.​ "Akayed Ullah" = 31 in Latin Reduction Gematria​, ​matching the Numerology of #31 today. "Akayed Ullah" = 83 in English Kabbalah #1, ​matching the Numerology of #83 on 12/11. 

The potential terrorist is allegedly reported as 27-years old, no wonder; #27th PRIME number is exactly #103, matching the above meanings! Nu. #163 above is tied with #38 (Prime). #38 in the Hebrew Table gives us the meanings "to vanish, associated with death, unholiness, to burn or parch." The potential terrorist's last name Ullah is a pure Arabic, an Islamic name, which means "of Allah" or "of God". Hence, when you search the first name 'Akayed', it gives nothing in return, and it does not mean anything in Arabic, I was told; but when you remove the first "a" from the Name, we get Kayed, a typical boy's name  in the Arab world. There is also the name aLkayed, with the "L". It appears that an "a" was added in the beginning of the typical Arabic name Kayed, to match the coding of the day and the event. His full name with code #83 (above) gives the following from the Hebrew Table: "a Camel (tied with the Arabic world), sacrifice of dedication (dies for ISIS agenda), platform (like a bus station), Camelman!", i.e., you see the name, selected "by the numbers"; of course, #83 is a mirror of #38 above. Hence, the phrase "Conspiracy Theory" = 83 in Latin Red. Gematria. Note, "False flag" = 83 in E. Kabbalah #1.

The blast reportedly took place at 42nd street and Eighth Avenue. Today is a day with Numerology of #42! The exact place of the explosion with Gematria readings: "Port Authority bus terminal, Midtown Manhattan"= 477 in E. Kabbalah #3, and the mind-blowing "December eleventh two seventeen"=477 in E. Kabbalah #1!!! Both Match the Kabbalah Ciphers! If any intelligent person could explain to me how those 2 sentences match the exact #477? Do you know the odds for that with a 3-digit number match? 1:500,000+++! Even more mind-blowing is the meaning of #477 according to the Hebrew Table: "fear, terrorbefore, yesterday, aforetime (meaning tied to prior terror events!)". Note, "Covert ops December eleventh two seventeen" = 181 in Latin Red. Gematria, and "United Nations" = 181 in E. Kabbalah #3. Sarah Sanders, the Press Secretary, posted a tweet that President Trump was informed, exactly at 5:13 a.m. local, or 13:13 UTC (coordinated universal time). December 11 is a day with Numerology of #13.

In view of the above, it seems this 'terror attack' was another Covert Operation-“false-flag”. It creates an environment for any Government to take away our liberties and call for a constant "State of Emergency", which would give the officials the authority to do whatever they like without asking a Parliament to approve any of their steps. As more facts come in, we will continue to bring you updates.

UPDATE: A subscriber to just sent us this image with Gematria codes about the incident. See also a video from CNN about the incident. The time on the CNN screen of the video on the top left corner shows the clock at 8:03 a.m., which makes our number #83 discussed above. In addition the CNN video is long 1:58, which makes the Nu. 158. Note, #158 in Hebrew means "slaughter knives", and 158  in Duo is 112. Also, #158 is Duo of 212, the code of New York city. A "Duo" means "duodecimal" system for presenting of a chosen number for analysis. Authorities called the homemade device an "improvised low-tech bomb", attached to the suspect.  Note, "improvised low-tech bomb" = 239 in E. Kabbalah #3, matching the #239 code from the Barcelona Terror attack.

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Milo Georgieff commented on Monday 23rd of April 2018 11:23 PM

Reported "by the numbers":

"Van strikes pedestrians in Toronto, up to Ten people injured" 505 in Latin Reduction Fibonacci
23/4/2018 - "Twenty-Three, Four, Twenty-Eighteen" 505 in English Kabbalah #1


"Van strikes pedestrians in Toronto, up to Ten people injured" 214 in Chaldean Calculator
214 is the code for the Barcelona Terror attack (with a Van!):

Note, "La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain" 214 in EK#3! In the 21st of August the MSM reported that Spain terror attacks death toll rose to 15; the main suspect (Younes) was hunted across Europe. Note, "fifteen killed" 214 in EK#1! Later in that day it was reported that the van driver Younes was shot: "Younes Abouyaaqoub dead, August twenty first two seventeen" 214 in LRG! Well written script! (Hurricane 'Harvey' - well chosen name, in Texas: See: "Hurricane Harvey: August Two Five, Twenty Seventeen" 214 in LRG! ALL tied in a LIFE MATRIX!

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Milo Georgieff commented on Saturday 7th of April 2018 07:47 PM

Today, April 7, a day with Numerology of:

22, 29, 31, 44, 48, 50, 59, 97, 118, 133, 333, 911

a vehicle has rammed into a crowd of people in the western German city of Muenster. Several people have been killed in the incident, according to police. All done "by the numbers", as 911 is present!

Also, the city of Muenster is a good match with the date's Numerology as well:

"Muenster" 119 in English Kabbalah #2
"Seven-Four Twenty Eighteen" 119 in Latin Reduction Gematria - 7/4/2018

This is inverse 911!

"Muenster" 1270 in Latin Expanded Gematria #2 or 127 or 31st Prime

"Muenster" 145 in Latin Reduction Highly Composite
"April Seventh Two Eighteen" 145 in Single Reduction
Commented by: #Milo Georgieff
Milo Georgieff commented on Thursday 8th of March 2018 01:03 AM

Manhunt in Vienna after knife attack leaves several people injured

The Numerology for March 07, 2018 299 days remaining listed below:

7, 19, 28, 48, 55, 59, 62, 66, 73, 98, 114, 133, 144, 150 (666), 155, 235, 311.

155 is the Key code here, which matches the Barcelona attack coding: 311-'The Beast' is also present, as well as 133 - my favorite number! 235 - "Hit and Run" is also present, as well!

"Terrorism attack confirmed in Barcelona" 155 in LRG; 155 is our base here: "La Rambla, Barcelona"155 in EK#1, "La Rambla"155 in LG, "Three Moroccans"155 in EK#3, (on Aug. 18, MSM reported 3 Moroccans in custody), "CovOps: Subirats, August twenty first"155 in LRG,

It's all done "by the numbers" here today, I am lucky, I am not in Vienna this week...

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Milo G.
In reply to: #Milo Georgieff
Milo Georgieff commented on Friday 23rd of February 2018 10:26 PM

In a day with Numerology of:

41, 42, 43, 45, 48, 54, 58, 63, 68, 73, 76, 90, 92, 100, 102, 118, 153, 223, 311 -

US to open new embassy in Jerusalem in May - State Department

"United States of America" 92 in Latin Reduction Gematria

"Jerusalem" 41 in Latin Reduction Gematria

"Jerusalem" 90 in Latin Reduction Prime

"Skull and Bones three two two founded one eight three two" 223 in Latin Reduction Gematria

"The Beast" 311 in Latin Gematria

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Freedom of Expression, as being part of A Privilege, Not a Right!
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Commented by: #Milo Georgieff
Milo Georgieff commented on Monday 22nd of January 2018 04:59 PM
Hotel near Atlanta, Georgia, evacuated after man reportedly walked in with firearms


I told you long-time ago that Atlanta area will be HIT constantly after the Las Vegas attack!


Milo G.
In reply to: #Milo Georgieff
Commented by: #Milo Georgieff
Milo Georgieff commented on Thursday 18th of January 2018 07:12 PM

Just now - US marshal killed in Harrisburg shooting: (see the headlines decoded below!)

All reported "By the Numbers" - see how accurate Our NEW Proprietary CALCULATORS are:

"US marshal killed, several police officers injured in Harrisburg shooting" 809 in Latin Reduction Fibonacci

"January eighteenth" 809 in Latin Reduction Perfect8128

The only way you can DECODE properly and Truthfully is after using Our Calculators! 100% Guaranteed!
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Commented by: #Milo Georgieff
Milo Georgieff commented on Friday 15th of December 2017 12:42 AM
"Stabbing incident Maastricht December fourteenth" is 406 in Latin Reduction Fibonacci
"December fourteenth two seventeen" is 406 in English Kabbalah #2
In reply to: #Milo Georgieff
Commented by: #Milo Georgieff
Milo Georgieff commented on Friday 15th of December 2017 12:24 AM
1 person killed & several injured in stabbing incident in Dutch city of Maastricht local media:

All done by the Numerology of today's date - December 14, 2017:

Today's numbers to follow - December 14: 8, 17, 25, 26, 27, 93, 170, 222, 444.

August 17 (Barcelona Terror) Numerology: 8, 17, 25, 26, 93, 170! (6 numbers match!!!);

"December fourteenth" 170 in Latin Reduction Prime (NEW CALCULATOR!)

'222' - the 'Black Magic Ring'!!!

Person of Interest today: James Comey - codes (the same!!!) 17, 25, 27, 156! 156 tied to 911!
In reply to: #Barry T.
Commented by: #Milo Georgieff
Barry T. commented on Wednesday 13th of December 2017 02:49 PM
Milo, superb analysis of this hoax! Keep up the good work!
Commented by: #Milo Georgieff
Milo Georgieff commented on Wednesday 13th of December 2017 11:34 AM
Larry Thanks! Look forward to it!:

Folks, The NEW Calculators are implemented in for your use:

Our programmer has been working on testing / developing some NEW calculators, based on the parameters I gave him: We spent the money wisely! My RECOMMENDATIONS to him were based on the Occult Philosophy books from the 15-16th century!

The New Calculators are based upon the Our Latin reduction version of the old Latin code, based on the numbers of 1 to 9 9-number of "the truth", using the same way this philosophers described the old code in their books. Based on that, we have created 7 NEW Math Gematria calculators, that implement the above concept - we've created only the reduced versions, since if we use the full versions, the numbers become astronomical, and it will become very, very complicated. Nobody else has those, Nobody ever created or posted this anywhere, but ONLY We hope that way to improve the "cracking of the code" and our overall results! The tests came back very good!

The calculators are Proprietary Information of! Thus, we are already created a good Value of our website!

Here they are, the calculators "in Action", an example, analyzing the terror attack yesterday - very good results:

"Akayed Ullah" 169 in Latin Reduction Perfect8128

169 has a Factorization 13 * 13, December 11 is a day with Numerology of #13 !

"Akayed Ullah" 166 in Latin Reduction Perfect496

December 11 is a day with Numerology of #166 !!!

"Akayed Ullah" 84 in Latin Reduction Triangle

42 x 2 84, 42 matches the Date's (Dec 11) Numerology of #42 as well

"Akayed Ullah" 137 in Latin Reduction Square

#137 is the #33rd Prime number, matching again the date's numerology of #33

"Akayed Ullah" 61 in Latin Reduction Prime

#61 in Duodecimal is #51, matching the Date's Numerology of #51; #61 is also 'GOD'

"Akayed Ullah" 82 in Latin Reduction Highly Composite

#41 x 2 #82, #41 is the #13th PRIME Number, matching again the Date's Numerology (Dec11 - #13)

"Akayed Ullah" 39 in Latin Reduction Fibonacci

#39 matching straight again the Date's Numerology of #39!


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Cheers and GOD BLESS You ALL!

Milo Georgieff, MscCE
In reply to: #Larry
Larry commented on Wednesday 13th of December 2017 11:32 AM
Milo, good job. I like the new set of calculators. As I promised to you, I will be coming in as a subscriber after the New Year. Keep up the good work and the website going. You guys are doing terrific!
In reply to: #Milo Georgieff
Commented by: #Milo Georgieff
Milo Georgieff commented on Wednesday 13th of December 2017 11:30 AM

See, by using our NEW calculators, we find a good correlation between the Planet SATURN and the Terror Act in NY on December 11:

"Saturn" 393 in Latin Reduction Perfect8128

December 11 is a day with Numerology of #39, and see #393, a mirror of #39
"Saturn" 384 in Latin Reduction Perfect496

384 In Octal is 600, matching the #60 Numerology of December 11
"Saturn" 96 in Latin Reduction Triangle

#96 written in Hex is again #60, 24 x 4 #96, #24 is also the date's numerology (Dec 11)
"Saturn" 167 in Latin Reduction Square

#167 is the #39 prime number, matching the #39 Numerology on Dec 11
"Saturn" 56 in Latin Reduction Prime

#14 x 4 #56, #14 is matching the Date's (Dec 11) Numerology
"Saturn" 118 in Latin Reduction Highly Composite

#118 in Hebrew Table is "to demolish", In Octal is 166, matching the date's (Dec 11) numerology of #166!
"Saturn" 61 in Latin Reduction Fibonacci

#61 is GOD and also matching the Gematria of the full name of the "terrorist"
#61 in Duodecimal is #51, matching the Date's (Dec 11) Numerology of #51

"New York city" 112 in Latin Reduction Fibonacci, and connects to our article and the video of CNN!

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Commented by: #Larry


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