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Gas explosion shook apartment building in SW Russia

A gas explosion damaged a residential building in the city of Volgograd, Russia, there may be casualties
May 16, 2017 7:00 PM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: August 18, 2017 2:26 AM EST

The mainstream media reported that a gas explosion has damaged a residential building in the city of Volgograd, Southwest Russia. Media suggested that at least two people were killed and 11 injured in the blast. The incident took place in a four-story building during maintenance work of gas services, a source from the emergency services told the media.  We already covered a similar incident that took place on November 6, 2016. The 2 events are related. Let's look at Gematria: "Volgograd"= 107 in E. Kabbalah #3, but so does the word "Manipulate"= 107 in EK#3, "Skull and Bones three two two"= 107 in LRG (perfect name for that city). It ties to the prior story (see code 72). Note, "Gas explosion"=114 in EK#3, but "Black Magic"=114 in EK#1; The phrase "four-story building during maintenance work"=184 in LRG, "Secret Society"= 184 in EK#2, and "Manipulate the public"=184 in EK#3 - see the prior story. If we look at the media script, the phrase "rocks apartment building"= 95 in LRG, but so does "Bones"= 95 in EK#2. Let's check the headline: "Gas explosion rocks apartment building in Southwest Russia" = 260 in LRG, but the phrase "E parvis oriuntur magna"= 260 as well in EK#3 - the Motto of "Brothers in Unity." From the date of the prior incident, November 06, 2016, until today, there is a timespan of 191 days, not including the end date. 191 means "strong, powerful (blast), to be poured, God Sets Up". Note, "squaring a circle" = 191 in EK #1191 connects to 751 in Hebrew. 751 is the 133rd PRIME. 133 is "in play" again. See here. All is tied in the Life Matrix. The media reported 2 people killed and 11 injured. Note: "two people killed eleven injured"= 133 in LRG. "Freemasons" = 133 in EK #1 and #22 + 11 = 13. It ties the same number of victims of the prior incident. Nicely scripted. Lastly, the media reported that "Two suffering shock as a result of the explosion", which equals = 516 in EK#1. 516 stands for May 16. Also, "Two suffering shock" = 223 in EK #2, but "Skull and Bones three two two founded one eight three two" = 223 in LRG.  Needless, the news article was aired at 10:49, which makes the number 1049, i.e., the 176th PRIME.  176 translates to "spread out (news), counselor, admonish".

In summary of the above, this is another article to brainwash our minds, scripted "by the numbers", and in line with the mainstream media's demagoguery.

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