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Hedge Fund financier, tied to Bernie Madoff, dies in NY

56-year-old Charles Murphy committed suicide from the 24th Floor of a Sofitel hotel in Manhattan, NY
March 29, 2017 3:22 PM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: April 3, 2017 7:52 PM EST

The mainstream media just published a news story about the tragedy of a hedge fund manager: Charles Murphy, investor with deep ties to Madoff, leapt to death from Sofitel hotel in Manhattan. Media sources further told that Murphy lost billions of his clients' money to Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme. He was 56, and the reports claimed that was wearing a dark business suit when he plunged to his death from the 24th floor of the 45W. 44th St. building at around 4:42 p.m., Monday, March 27. The father-of-two financier, plummeted 20 floors before hitting a 4th floor terrace, according to the NYPD, and instantly died at the scene. He's the 4th person connected to Madoff to lose his life, in what is being reported as a suicide. (French aristocrat Rene Thierry Magon De La Villehuchet was found dead in 2008 just after the Madoff news broke. His group lost $1.5 billion. Ex-U.S. Army major William Foxton, 65, killed himself in 2009. A year later, Madoff's son Mark was found dead after he hanged himself in his NY apartment.) The Daily News reported: Murphy lived in a $33 million (33 'in play'!) townhouse on E 67th Street, "a thirty three million Upper East Side Manhattan mansion". Let's look at Gematria: the name "Charles Murphy"= 173 in EK#2, but "Manipulation" = 173 in EK#1. Also, "Charles Murphy"= 67 in LRG, yet "Black Magic's  puppet" = 67 in LRG. March 27 is a date with Numerology of 22 (3+2+7+2+0+1+7), and 67 (3+27+20+17). 22 we discussed many times here ("sacrifice, to destroy"). 67 matches the Gematria of his name and the street (67th Street) he lived on;  What are the odds for him to die in a day, matching those 2 elements? Furthermore, he died 56 years old: "Black Oil" = 56 in EK#3 (“black oil” that alien beings used to inhabit human hosts in the TV series “The X-Files”). He jumped from the 24th floor of a hotel in 45W 44th Str., so 24, 45 and 44 are "in play": 24 stands for "body, crushed, wretched, victim, wild beast, slaughtering". 45 means "to be blooded, red colored, man, men, mankind, a male, 'to rest', to become silent, heaven, be destroyed, conceal, force, might, quickly". 44 we decoded herecrush, wretched, blood, murder.  So, you see how the 'script' works 'by the numbers'? Moreover, the reported time of this incident by the media was 4:42, which makes the number 442.  442 translates to 'aloe trees' or 'Aloe barberae'.  Note, "Aloe barberae"=45 in LRG (45 'in play' above); also "Aloe barberae"=133 in EK#3, but "Black Magic ring"=133 in EK#3, and "Charles Murphy leapt to his death"=133 in LRG; "Freemasons"=133 in EK#2.  Also, "Aloe barberae"=159 in EK#2, but "Freemasonry"=159 in EK#3, and "Covert operation"=159 in EK#3. Let's put some more Conspiracy to the story by following the 'media script': the phrase "jumped from a room on the twenty fourth floor"=173 in LRG, has the Gematria of Murphy's name and the word 'manipulation'. This reminds me Luke Allan's books "The Man on the Twenty-Fourth Floor"(talks murder) & "The Beast", pointing to 666. Speaking of Luke Allan, the Gematria of his name equals 137 in EK#2 and 20 in LRG  (Murphy fell down 20 floors). 137 is the 33rd PRIME. See 137 and 173. 37 and 73 are connected: 37 x 73 2701 (the Hebrew value of the 1st verse, Genesis 1:1). Note, "twenty fourth floor of a Manhattan hotel"=137 in LRG. More: the book "The Man on the Twenty-Fourth Floor" was first published in 1937, i.e., 80 years ago. Note, the phrase "False flag suicide"=80 in LRG. Going back to 666 from above: Note, "six six six" (666) = 150 in EK#1; "Charles Murphy tied to Bernie Madoff" = 150 in LRG. Madoff himself is serving a 150-year prison sentence. What a joke! Do you see how everything is tied in the Life Matrix? Note, the phrase "Charles Murphy leaps to death"=115 in LRG, but note "False flag"=115 in EK#2.  Moreover, "investor with ties to Madoff" = 130 in LRG; "Black Magic"=130 in EK#2. The phrase "landed on a fourth-floor terrace" = 117 in LRG, but, "CoveOps=117 in EK#2, and "fourth person tied to Madoff" = 117 in LRG.  The media claims Murphy was wearing a dark business suit. Note, "dark business suit"=84 in LRG, but "Black Magic"=84 in EK#3, "Masonic"=84 in EK#1. Note: "dark business suit"=235 in EK#3; it matches codes of 'Hit  and Run' card in Illuminati Card Game. The Phrase: "thirty three million for Upper East Side mansion"=216 in LRG: 6x6x=216, so 666 'in play': See, this: "Hit and Run: Charles Murphy died March twenty seventh"= 216 in LRG; "Hit and Run: Charles Murphy dead, March twenty seventh" = 208 in LRG, but "Black Magic killed Charles Murphy, March twenty seventh"=208, as well, in LRG. The Daily News further reported: '...a man standing behind an opaque glass front door also declined to comment. “Go away, leave the family to grieve,” the man said.'  The phrase "Go away, leave the family to grieve"=133 in LRG (133 'in play' above). Additional note: with regard to 150 above, see the important phrase: "founded in 'thirty two, second corps"=150 in LRG. The numbers in the Skull and Bones society's emblem ("322") represent the same phrase "founded in '32, 2nd corps". The NY Post article was aired at 6:01 pm, which stands for 601. 601 is the 110th PRIME, but 110 means "bruise, to crush, destruction, reach the height (24th Floor), to be foolish, to act foolish (by investing in Madoff)." 

In summary,  Conspiracy Theorists will now speculate that Murphy's death is another "strange one by the numbers", aligning perfectly with all Gematria codes. If we take into account that Ch. Murphy worked at Fairfield Greenwich Group, a high-stakes hedge fund that did heavy business with Madoff by investing more than $7 billion of its clients’ money (they had been paid more than 11% interest annually over 15 years by Madoff), we shouldn't rule out a "revenge" possibility here, by some "unhappy clients".  As more news comes in regarding the story, we will bring you an update.

Other news on March 27:  Three burglars broke into a house in Wagoner County Oklahoma, and the resident shot them with an AR-15, and then called '911' at 12:44. Note, "Wagoner County"=173 in EK#3, matching Gematria codes of 'Charles Murphy' (and the word 'Manipulation'), who died hours later. As we said, everything is connected in the Life Matrix: "Mount Sinai"=173 in EK#2173 is the 40th PRIME.  40 we just discussed last week, see here; it is tied to the London terror attack, as well as 133.  If we look at the codes associated with David Rockefeller's death earlier, we find 37, 84, 159 matching events here. Note, additional codes: "Secret Society" = 67 in LRG, and "Secret Society" = 133 in EK#3.

UPDATE: March 30, 2017: There is an update in a Daily Mail today: Murphy's boss John Paulson, met the widow-2nd wife Annabella, to comfort her on Wednesday, as they visited the church where the funeral is expected to take place. I want to go back and find some correlation between all 4 allegedly reported suicides after Madoff's scandal broke the news. First, the media published Murphy's birthdate: March 23, 1961, so he died 4 days after his 56th birthday. Note, he is the 4th person person tied to Madoff to lose his life, and hit the 4th floor terrace in way down. From March 23, 1961 until March 27, 2017 there are 20,458 days or 56 years, 4 days, excluding the end date. 20,458 we can separate into 2 no.: 20 and 458. 20 means "approximately (fell down 20 floors), brotherhood, a fluid, die, power, force, space, place". 458  translates to "daughters (he has 1), descent (an act of moving downwards, dropping, falling!), sink deep, to come down on, to press down, to level, in his death". All scripted. Let's analyze the 1st victim after Madoff's story was officially presented on December 11, 2008: Note, the date has a Numerology of 33 (12+11+2+8), 15 (1+2+1+1+2+8), and 24 (12+1+1+2+8). 15th PRIME is 47, but "Mount Sinai"=47 in LRG. French aristocrat Rene Thierry Magon De La Villehuchet was found dead on December 23, 2008, 12 days after the news, as his firm lost $1.4 billion. Note, "Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet"=149 in LRG. Hence, "Mount Sinai"=149 in EK#1, but "Mount Sinai"=173 also, in EK#2, "Charles Murphy"=173 in EK#2. Therefore, the connection between Rene and Charles is obvious (see, how the Life Matrix works?). The 12th PRIME is 37, which connects also Luke Allan's book "The Man on the Twenty-Fourth Floor" (1937). Needless the say, 24 is also 'in play' (Murphy plunged from the 24th floor). Rene was 65 years old when died. The 65th PRIME is 313.  Note, the phrase from the latest Daily Mail news: "Widow of hedge fund executive Murphy is comforted by his boss J. Paulson" = 313 in LRG.

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Milo Georgieff commented on Thursday 30th of March 2017 01:00 AM
Jeff, Thank you. Yes, we are working on the website, as far as the material, yes, I am getting better and better with the English Kabbalah, Thank you again for the kind words.
In reply to: #Jeff
Jeff commented on Thursday 30th of March 2017 12:48 AM
Milo, amazing work! This is your best, so far! This guy was probably nailed down by the Money Guys, who lost huge with him. Without a doubt! Keep up the great work and put the entire site to work, it is about time. Thank you!
Commented by: #Milo Georgieff


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