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Spurs end road-win streak at 13 - Tim Duncan Tribute

Spurs lost to the Bulls 95-91 after winning 13 road games in a row to salute future NBA Hall of Famer
December 12, 2016 12:00 PM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: December 17, 2016 7:41 PM EST

San Antonio Spurs fell 1 game-win shy of matching the NBA's best road start set by the Golden State Warriors last season. The Spurs cut an 18-point deficit midway through the 3rd quarter to 4 points in the closing minutes, only to come up short, as expected. So why the Spurs did not come prepared for this game, since they've had 2-day rest, but showed unusual fatigue in the 1st half by scoring only 32 points. Note, "Black Magic" = 32 in Latin Red. Gematria. According to "the laws of Classical Physics", the Spurs were "supposed to lose" the game before on the road, vs. Minnesota Timberwolves, when they were playing very tough back-to-back match without the rested Manu Ginobili and injured Tony Parker. Yet, the Spurs showed uncharacteristic mobility and freshness in that game, scored 105 pts., and also held the T-Wolves in the process to only 91 pts.. Is there some kind of conspiracy in the game Bulls-Spurs? Nobody knows for sure, however, let's look at more Gematria and put some conspiracy to it for the believers of "always non-coincidental events": First, we start with the number '13', and analyze why the streak ended at that number. 13 is a number tied to Tim Duncan. Tim Duncan had a jersey with number 21. His nickname "Tim" has numeric value of 13 in Latin Reduction Gematria13 and 21 are closely related. The meaning of (21)-twenty-one in the Bible is an outgrowth of (13)-thirteen. Adding   13 and 8 (pointing a new beginning) gives us 21 or a number that represents new beginning, a new level or effort. So, when Tim Duncan put Jersey No.:21 on the court, it symbolized his short name "Tim". So, why not end the winning streak at 13 in order to "salute Mr. Duncan" and his retirement?  From the date of Tim's retirement announcement (July 11, 2016) until the date of the match Bulls-Spurs (Dec 8th), there is a time span of 150 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date, or 4 months, 27 days excluding the end date. Hence, 4 mo. and 27 days make the number 427.  Note, the name "Tim Duncan" = 427 in Latin Gematria. Amazing coincidence, isn't it? 427 also translates to "beat to pieces" (in connection to 'Tim Duncan' - Spurs to lose the game). Note, "six six six (666)" = 150 in English Kabbalah #1.  On the other hand, 150 in Hebrew directs to 111.  111 is connected to Tim Duncan Jersey Retirement Ceremony (see our work for that here: From the date of Tim's retirement announcement (July 11, 2016) until the date of the retirement ceremony, there is a span of month, 11 days  excluding the end date, which makes No. 111). Moreover, 150 days (from above) can be converted to one of these units21 weeks, 3 days, or 216,000 minutes or 3600 hours. 21 is the Tim Duncan's number. 3 symbolizes and pictures completeness (Career-end). If we take into account, that in Hebrew, zeros are generally omitted, 216,000 could be "read as" 216 = 6 x 6 x 6 (666) and / or year 2016. 216 is being associated geometrically with a cube 216. It is called a "Creative Geometry"; the cube 216 is a biblical symbol of "holiness", and is connected with Mr. Duncan - click here. 3600 (hrs.) could be 'viewed' as '36' (zeros omitted in Hebrew), so we get another great connection to the "Magic Square of 36" - see here. In that square, the numbers from 1 to 36 are arranged in such a way that adding the numbers of any column either horizontally or vertically (and also the two diagonals crossing the square), always totals the same-‘111’.  The sum of the 6 columns computed either horizontally or vertically is 6 x 111 = ‘666’. Note, 111 and 666 are already "in play" here, in this story, therefore, you could understand how everything falls in place and is tied deeply in the Life Matrix. Isn't it Amazing? Let's continue with the game: Spurs scored 59 points in the 2nd half of the game: Note, "Fixed NBA Games" = 59 in Latin Reduct. Gematria.  The phrase "NBA Conspiracy" = 59 in Latin Red. Gematria as well. The Bulls scored 50 points in the 2nd half.  Note, "Fixed NBA Game" = 50 in Latin Expanded and Red. Gematria. Also, "Skull and Bones" = 50 in Latin Red. Gematria. Total points scored in the game: 186. The phrase "Rigged NBA Games" = 186 in Engl. Kabbalah #1. "USA Government" = 186 in English Kabbalah #1.  The Spurs leading scorer for the game K. Leonard played 38 mints., which equals his combined stats for the game: He scored 24 pts., had 8 reb., 5 asts., and 1 stl.(24+8+5+1 = 38). P. Mills's stats equal 21 (Tim Duncan's number): 16 pts., 2 reb., 1 asts., 2 stl.(16+2+1+2 = 21). L. Aldridge and P. Gasol played 31 mins. each. Note, "Tim Duncan" = 31 in Latin Reduction Gematria. Bulls leading scorer, D. Wade, had stats equal 32 - "Black Magic"(see above): 20 pts., 5 reb., 5 asts.,1 stl., 1 blk.(20+5+5+1+1 = 32). The phrase "Bulls nine five"= 66 in Latin Reduct.  Gematria, but so that "Rigged Basketball" = 66.

In summary, Conspiracy Theorists will now speculate that S. A. Spurs lost this game "by the numbers" to "honor Tim Duncan", and that the NBA is fixing games under the control of "the global Black Magic ring of politicians, busin. people, and celebrities", so, we can discuss all day and night the games and statist. numbers, shown above.  As more news comes in, we'll continue to bring you updates.

Update NBA December 14, 2016:  There was one 1 NBA game from last night, which could support the story above:  Chicago Bulls 94-99 Minnesota Timberwolves. Timberwolves surprisingly beat the Bulls 99-94 in Minnesota coach Tom Thibodeau's return to Chicago on Tuesday night, December 13. There was no excuse for the Bulls' loss at home, since they've had a 3 day-rest before this game, i.e. this wasn't a back-to-back (B2B). The Bulls haven't played since Dec. 10th.  Anyway, K.A. Towns had 16 points, 12 rebs., 3 blks., and Andrew Wiggins added 23 points, 9 rebs., and 3 asts. to help T-Wolves winning this one (this was not a B2B game for them either!), while they both were "no show" just 5 days ago against the Spurs at home (with just 11 points each). The T-Wolves scored 99 points away from home against the Bulls, who held the much better Spurs (with also proper rest on December 8th) to 91 points just 5 days earlier. The mainstream media focused on the fact that Tom Thibodeau got some revenge in his return to Chicago, so they wanted to promote the idea and made us believe this game was "the game of the year" for Minnesota to win. What a joke! Let's look at more Gematria and put some conspiracy to it for the believers of "always non-coincidental events": Bulls scored 94 points. Note, "Brainwash" = 94 in English Kabbalah #3. The phrase "Bulls Ninety Four" = 65 in Latin Red. Gematria, but so that "Rigged Games" = 65 in Latin Red. Gematria.  Moreover, "Chicago Nine Four" = 202 in English Kabbalah #1; and "Dwyane Wade ejected December thirteen two sixteen" = 202 in Latin Reduction Gematria. Wade played 32 mins. before the ejection (against the Spurs all of his stats equal 32). Note, "Black Magic"=32 in Latin  Reduction Gematria. The T-Wolves scored 99 Points. Note, "Minnesota   Timberwolves nine nine" =150 in Latin Reduction Gematria. 150 connects this game to the game Bulls-Spurs (see above - From the date of Tim's retirement announcement (July 11, 2016) until the date of the match Bulls-Spurs (Dec 8th), there is a time span of 150 days). Needless to say, "six six six (666)" = 150  in English Kabbalah #1. The game's overall total was 193, i.e. 44th PRIME.  193 stands for "a mark (something significant), butt (in terms of something is joked about or laughed at, i.e., in this case the game played and the audience). 44 in this case means "Father of Might" (connects 13 + 31 = 44). 13 and 31 is the Gematria of Tim Duncan (see above), who was a player with power, strength, force [Might]. From the date of the Bulls-Spurs game (December 08, 2016) until the date of the match Bulls-T-Wolves (Dec 13th), there is a time span of 6 days, end date included (for completion). 6 days can be converted to one of these units: 144 hours, which makes '144'. For the fans and users of 'Simple English Gematria' this is even better connection: "Forty Four" in the English Ordin. system equals 144. "Forty Four" =130 in Engl. Kabbalah #1.  Note, "Black Magic" =130 in Engl. Kabbalah #2.   Note, "Skull and Bones"=193 in Engl. Kabbalah #3. Finally, the sentence "Bulls lost from T-Wolves December thirteen two sixteen"= 640  in English Kabb. #2; But, "Bulls stopped Spurs winning streak at thirteen" = 640 in English Kabbalah #2

In summary, we consider these games in a connection to a "tribute to the best power forward" in the game, Tim Duncan, and his retirement. Whether the stats/numbers shown above coincidentally matched the Gematria, dates, and specific meanings analyzed above, or they are all "purposely fixed" for a reason [aligned with the sports conspiracy theories for rigged games], is something for our readers to decide.

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