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Fashion Designer Richard Nicoll dead at age 39

The Australian esteemed couturier has died in Sydney from a heart attack on Oct 21 - by media sources
October 24, 2016 8:33 AM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: October 27, 2016 10:50 AM EST

The mainstream media reported that Richard Nicoll, a talented fashion designer from Australia, died from alleged heart attack on Friday, October 21.  Interesting enough, he was 39, the same age as the Conspiracy Theorist and UFO expert Max Spiers, who died earlier this year on July 16.  Nicoll launched his own label in 2005, but closed it in 2015 with the explanation that "that the pressure to produce six collections a year was too much". Later, he decided to design for other outfits, including Marc Jacobs, Cerruti, and Topshop, to name the few. The media claims that he was due to take over as Adidas creative director in 2017.  Let's look at Gematria:  The name "Richard Nicoll" has the following Gematria codes: 66, 99, 132, 180, 327.  They translate to the following:  "to be capable of, to prevail, succeed, to control oneself, to overcome, to master, to measure(clothes), a hill [all great qualities enabling an excellent career], to turn, drying up [he closed his brand], trouble, injure, hurt, to hide, conceal, to cover [hide], bury, devastation, mud, root of heart [pointing to 137, which is the 33rd Prime], an ewe lamb [if person falls into sin, he offers an ewe lamb; a sacrificial lamb is a metaphorical reference to a person or animal sacrificed for the common good].  Note, the first 3 Gematria codes to his name [66,99,132] are multiples of 33.  From Nicoll's birthday June 2, 1977 to Oct 21, 2016, there is a time span of 39 years, 4 months, 19 days, excluding the end date. Every time I see number 39, it raises a "red flag".  Just to remind, 39 is associated with "redemption, false, deceptive, covered or secret".  4 mo. and 19 days could make the number 419 [81st Prime].  419 means only "slaughter" in Hebrew [81 stands for "Projection, trembling, to sink, the new or full moon, to fail, ruin"]. Nicoll lived in a unit in Darlinghurst, Sydney. "Darlinghurst" = 144 in English Kabbalah. The geographic coordinates of Darlinghurst are: Latitude: 33.88° S  Longitude: 151.22° E.  Again, we have No. 33 [so, it appears this person is deeply connected to this No.] and also 151.  33 is the most influential of all Master Numbers [see here]. 151 [36th Prime] in this case means "pure, darkness, place to cry out", it connects to 801 - "a liberal man, a generous man". Note, the phrase "Nicoll died from heart attack" = 317 in English Kabbalah #1. 317 stands for "a shock, grave mound, tomb, to beat". It is also the 66th Prime, connecting directly to Gematria of his name above and to 33. There is an interesting tweet from LOVE Magazine to express condolences for Nicoll's death: "RIP lovely Richard Nicoll", posted at 12:33 [so, 33 again] on Oct 21.  The phrase "RIP lovely Richard Nicoll" = 114 in Latin Red. Gematria.  Note, the phrase "black magic" = 114 in English Kabbalah #1. See also - "Nicoll died of heart failure" = 114 again, in Latin Reduction Gematria. In addition, the sentence "Nicoll killed by black magic" = 216 (6x6x6) in English Kabbalah #3.  Just to remind, the story that came out, just few days before, about the death of the UFO expert Max Spiers [who was also 39], the "black magic" was discussed. There are obvious similarities between the 2 cases, "by the numbers". Lastly, the phrase "Nicoll's fake death" has Gematria codes of 66 [a multiple of 33] and 153. The word "conspiracy" = 153 as well, in English Kabbalah #2.

In summary, similar to Max Spiers's story, we consider this news report, about Richard Nicoll's death highly questionable:  By looking at the Gematria codes from above, we have again "too coincidental" conditions ["by the numbers"] for our comfort to accept the reality of this story. Nicoll appeared in good physical shape by looking at his photos, videos, and reading claims about him all over the internet. Unless he was taking some damaging drugs to his health, it is hard for us to believe that he died from a heart attack at the age of 39. He was waiting to get a nice job: To join Adidas as a director in 2017. 

Conspiracy Theorists will now speculate that this is either a "fake death" or he was "killed by the global Black Magic ring, involving politicians and celebrities", the same way they do with the story of Max Spiers's death: Therefore, this is another newsreport by the mainstream media, just to "play" with the minds of the general public [so, we can speculate all day and night what happened to Nicoll and how it happened].  As more news comes in, we'll continue to bring you updates.

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