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Legendary Songwriter Leonard Cohen Died at age 82

The Canadian musician, who was born in Quebec, passed away in Los Angeles on Thursday, Nov 10
November 11, 2016 7:00 PM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: March 25, 2017 2:19 PM EST

The mainstream media reported that legendary poet, songwriter and artist, Leonard Cohen, has passed away on Thursday, November 10, at the age of 82, two days after the U.S. Presidential Elections took place.  Similar to the death of Herman Echevarria, Cohen's family requested full privacy during their time of grief. Tributes flooded across mainstream media for the Canadian singer, who had just released his 14th album in October, "You Want it Darker". The Prime Min. of Canada Justin Trudeau stated on Twitter at 5:01 a.m. (could be viewed as 501 - meaning "Hill of Yahweh[God]"): "No other artist's music felt or sounded like Leonard Cohen's. Yet his work resonated across generations. Canada and the world will miss him". Cohen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008.  Let's check some Gematria codes - put some conspiracy to it, for those believing in the idea of "always non-coincidental  events":  The name "Leonard Cohen" = 306 in Latin Gematria. Note, in the U.S. Presidential elections, the winner-Mr. Trump, is projected exactly 306 electoral votes. Also, the name "Leonard Cohen" = 130 in English Kabbalah.  Note, the phrase "Black Magic" = 130 in English Kabbalah (our work on "Black Magic" is here).  Now, let's check the Gematria of Cohen's last (14) album "You Want It Darker" : it equals 193 in English Kabbalah.  Note, the sentence "Black Magic Control" = 193 as well, in English Kabbalah. Note, "You Want it Darker" = 63 in Latin Reduction Gematria;  But, "six six six"(666) = 63 in English Kabbalah. If we check the Gematria of the phrase "Leonard Cohen died in Los Angeles" - it equals 333 and 444 in English Kabbalah (codes).  333 stands for "to lie down (dead), darkness (tied to his last album); 444 means "a holy place-church or temple": There seems to exist an interesting relationship between the number 444 and Christ's ministry. If we accept the Bible fact that the Christ's ministry began on The Day of Atonement [in 26 A.D.] and it lasted 44 months and 4 days until his crucifixion on Passover [in 30 A.D.], those two numbers make (444). So, the codes show Cohen's death in L.A. is praising Christ's ministry, which is amazing, to say the least.  Leonard Cohen died at 82 [82 yrs, 1 mo. and 20 days - viewed as 120, or exactly 30,001 days - wow(!), excluding the end date]. 82 stands for "to fade or pass away, to perish [die, especially in a violent or sudden way; said of the heavenly bodies, of men, of land]. 120 means "height/elevation, the High One, Most High [reaching  top point in life], an appointed sign, a signal [for something to happen], appointed placeto lay or place on [when dead]. Note, "Black Magic lie" = 120 in Latin Gematria. 30,001 could be viewed as '31' (there is no notation for zero in Hebrew); 31 matches one of the Hebrew names of God - 'El' [Nice! So, 30,001 days praise God 'El' ].

In summary of the above Gematria analysis, Leonard Cohen died on a date that brings a lot of questions, and I am sure many Conspiracy Theorists will now speculate that this is another death, associated with the involvement of the "Black Magic ring of politicians, special interest, and celebrities" [who discovered and promoted this person], so, we can [again] discuss all day and night what happened to Cohen. In any event, it appears,  Leonard Cohen was born, lived, and died "by the numbers"."  As more news comes in, we'll continue to bring you updates on it.

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