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Rock 'n' Roll's star Leon Russell dies in Nashville at 74

The Rocker had a heart bypass surgery in July, 2016, and was recovering from that at the time he died
November 13, 2016 5:44 PM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: November 15, 2016 2:28 PM EST

The mainstream media reported that Rock star Leon Russell, who performed, sang and produced some of rock 'n' roll's top records in the world, has died at 74. The singer-songwriter passed away in his sleep in Nashville, Tennessee, according to his wife Janet Lee.  Russell produced and played on recording sessions for Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Ike and Tina Turner, the Rolling Stones and many others. In 2011, Russell was chosen for induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. He also was honored with an Award for Music Excellence from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Prior to that, he and Elton John released in 2010 "The Union", a duo album; "He was a mentor, inspiration and so kind to me," Elton John said in a Facebook post Sunday. Leon Russell died at age 74 [74 yrs, 7 mo.,11 days (viewed as 711) excluding the end date]. 74 stands for "to cover, protect, hide, 'Lamed' (tied to 30) - The Hebrew letter (ל Lamed) is the 12th letter of the Aleph-Beth, and it is the source of the English letter 'L' (Leon); Lamed is a hope, and the possibility to return to God: to unite, once again with God. [a perfect timing to end his life at that age]. Note, the phrase "illuminati black magic" = 74 in Latin Reduction Gematria.  711 means "God is Judge, darkness (associated with death); 711 is connected to 151 (36th prime), which has the additional meanings of "God, idol, the Palace (of the Sun), to go away, sometimes = to curse (someone)". Let's look at more Gematria and put some more conspiracy to it for the believers of "always non-coincidental  events": The name "Leon Russell"=196 in Eng. Kabbalah #2Note "Leon Russell dead"=196 in Eng.  Kabb.  #3 (his name carries 'death' since he was born). Since, he is a big star of the rock music,  note "Black Magic controls Rock Music" = 112 in Latin Red. Gematria, but so does the phrase "Leon Russell - part of Black Magic" = 112 in Latin Reduction Gematria. He died in Nashville: Note, "Leon Russell dies in Nashville" = 140 in Latin Reduction Gematria. However, "Black Magic is the New World Order" = 140  also, in Latin Reduction Gematria. Moreover, the phrase "Leon Russell dies" = 183 in English Kabbalah #3, but so does "Rigged System" = 183 in English Kabbalah #1. Another look: "Leon Russell dead" = 67 in Latin Reduction Gematria, but "Black Magic's puppet" = 67 also, in Latin Reduction Gematria.  The Gematria of the name of the joined album released with E. John "The Union" =108 in English Kabbalah  #3.  Note, "Black Magic - New World Order" = 108 in Latin Reduction Gematria. The Gematria of Elton John's qualification of Russell on Facebook (on Sunday) "Leon Russell a mentor" = 80 in Latin Reduction Gematria, but so does the phrase "Black Magic controls you" = 80 in Latin Reduction Gematria , and the phrase "Leon Russell dies" = 80 in Latin Reduction Gematria. (See our work on "Black Magic" - here). Do you finally realize how scripted the world news is?

In summary of the above Gematria analysis, the death of Leon Russell comes in a perfect time for him at age of 74, and I am sure the Conspiracy Theorists will again speculate that this is another ending of life, associated with the influence and the connection of the "Black Magic ring of the 'special interest' and celebrities" [who discovered and promoted this person as well], well suited "by the numbers".  As more news comes in, we'll continue to bring you updates on it.

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