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    BREAKING NEWS: APR 12-15, 2018: Latest decodes

    Christian teacher, 35, accused of having sex with high a school student, FOX reporting
    April 15, 2018 2:00 PM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: April 15, 2018 2:07 PM EST

    Christian teacher, in the age of 35, was accused of having sexual relationship with high school student, the MSM broadcasted.'s initial reaction to this story, all scripted and reported "by the numbers": "Christian teacher, 35, accused of having sexual relationship with high school student"=1428  in Latin Reduction Triangle Gematria. 28 is considered a "perfect number" and In Hebrew means "sin, sin-offering, a man-trap", which is aligning well with the story! Note, "Christian teacher, 35, accused of having sexual relationship with high school student" = 860 in Latin Reduction Fibonacci [our amazing Calculators, courtesy of only!]. Well, the Duodecimal number of 1224 is exactly 860. The story was aired first on April 12, a day with 12 Numerology (12 x 2 = 24!). Also, in Hebrew, # Nu. 860 translates to "grief of spirit", another good alignment with the story. Do you see how all connects 'by the numbers', and this entire reporting is somehow "pre-programmed". Further, the name of the high school teacher is being reported as Suzanne Lea Owen, a 35-year-old. Well, April 12 is a day with Numerology of 35! "Suzanne Lea Owen" has a Gematria of 58, 61, 106 [In Hebrew "to suck or swallow down; and the Letter Nun with value 50-Nun pictures a nahash or snake"; On the (50th) fiftieth day after the Lord's resurrection, Christians celebrate the holiday of Pentecost commemorating the outpouring of the Holy Spirit]. April 12 also has a Numerology of 58 and 61, matching well her Gematria. Lastly, the last name "Owen" has a Gematria of 52, 85, 90, again, matching the date's Numerology of April 12. The incident took place in the private Evangelical Christian School in Fort Myers, where Owen allegedly had a sexual encounter with a male student. Note, "Fort Myers" = 100 in Latin Reduction Fibonacci, great match with April 12 Numerology of 100; "Fort Myers" has also Gematria of 36April 12 has a Numerology of 36. The report states that she was arrested Wednesday (Apr. 11) and now remains in Lee County Jail. Note, "Lee County Jail" has a Gematria of 45, again, a match with April 12 Numerology of 45. All 3 phrases, "Owen",  "Fort Myers", and "Lee County Jail" have a Gematria of 49, which proves the amazingly scripted news.

    Apr 14: ... 

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