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Crystals & Gematria

September 12, 2019 2:57 PM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: July 9, 2019 4:27 PM EST


Crystals / stones are used for many years for healing.  They are formed when hot gases encounter cool surroundings and in turn deposit crystals.  People believe in the energetic properties crystals have as well as their esthetic beauty, which could be transferred for therapy. Healing property of the crystals can be utilized within our lives.  Since the healing effects of crystals cannot be so easily pinned down by science [many factors need to be taken into account], it all comes down to what we ourselves choose to believe.  I believe each crystal resonates with a different pattern geometrically. Such a geometric pattern possibly reside in our systems and organs.  Every stone has a different effect on the human body. is the only site in the world using and providing the “healing benefits” that each crystal can have to our body and spirit in a combination with its Gematria codes and meditation music [expressing the meaning of those codes for each crystal].  Consult below our list of the most powerful crystals in order to find out the way they influence our life and well-being.  Since everything around us is somehow coded [see Gematria], it is important to understand and use only the “positive codes”, positive thinking and approach in our lives, in order to be [always] happy, loving, friendly, healthy, joyful, and productive. We inserted the appropriate “positive codes” matching each crystal under its photo below, and our belief is to use this combo for meditation in a daily basis [10-20 mins. in the morning and 10-20 mins. at night], while listening to music in the background by using our audio player above (please, click on it to start the meditation music).  We shall hold in our hands a piece of each crystal to complete successfully the process of meditation. When you memorize the Gematria codes while meditating [not only by looking at the photo of each crystal and holding it], your principal goal shall be to “activate” your subconscious mind and ultimately replace the existing “negative codes” [stored in your mind, enduring only negative energy] with positive ones. I love the following quote from Willie Nelson: “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.” I believe that only once you have felt and experienced the inherent effect of crystals [and their Gematria codes], you would begin to see results. 

There are many sources to purchase crystals on the internet here is a good one to use.  Remember, Freedom is a control in your own mind. Learn to love people, it will bring you only positive energy. After using the above technique, you would have more control than in the past. 


107 970 283 28 117 90

Amethyst is an energy protector, and is used to fight mental disorders; it is also known to have a healing effect on hearing disorders, insomnia, headaches and other pain; it is a symbol of peace, love, courage, and happiness.  Amethyst is a gemstone for the Third Eye Chakra. It means “Strength”, “shine”, “To God” [Gift], “rejoice”, “pure”, “to protect”, “the will of God”, “God Keeps”, “heart”.  

TOPAZ (Blue and Green)

314 77 9 88 370

Topaz is balancing and calming crystal that controls human emotions, bringing joy and true, spiritual love; Topaz is something bright / shiny and precious. It is a crystal associated with the truth.  Blue and Green Topaz unlock the Throat Chakra.

TOPAZ (Orange & Yellow)

123 100 92 57 106  

Orange (Yellow) Topaz is expressing “The Manifestation of God”; it means “Lovely” and “Pleasant”; It protects against negativity.  Orange (Yellow) Topaz is a gemstone for the Solar Plexus Chakra and Third Eye Chakra.


253 76 28 905 234

Sodalite harmonizes the conscious and subconscious mind, promotes peace and harmony; it shows “self-love”, “quality of life”, “God [God’s Majesty]”, “Pyramid Magnetism”.  It is associated with the Throat Chakra.



256 261 171 88 212

Emerald is used for many years to increase intuition and spirituality, meditate and realize delightful love; it is the crystal of “Successful Love”, considered a strong stone of protection against harmful spirits. In business, emerald is known to bring in luck and success. It means “God” and “charmed life”. Emerald effects Heart Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra.


370 105 645 217 88  

Garnet is a crystal of regeneration and a trigger of positive feelings; it can boost the energy of an entire system and revitalize it; it is a protective energy crystal from evil and nightmares, bringing prosperity and realization of good dreams; it means “peace and safety”, “be part of the light”, and “sacred wisdom”.  Garnet is a Root Chakra stone.


138 61 256 577 590

Jade is a crystal associated with your heart; it relates to the Heart Chakra and enhances love; it is also a crystal of generosity, emotional balance, stability; it helps overcoming nervous system problems; it means “sweetness and pleasantness”, “God's will”, “family stone or rock”[son plus father].


138 83 717 702 1064

Agate is a crystal that gives you solid energy, courage, protection, healing, and calming; it is also a crystal of strength [of the intellect] and many people consider it a “stone of harmony”; its crystal system is Hexagonal; it is often associated with the “strength of God”, [someone]“Courageous”, and “an instrument of praise”. Agate stimulates the Crown Chakra by bringing celestial & earth energy into the aura.


517 117 80 105 161

Bustamite is excellent for meditation with its energetic and spiritual ability to remove and clear energy blockages; it can help us feeling safe and that could be used to fight deep anxiety and stress; it means “My Savior” or “Yahveh”[a form of the Hebrew name of God used in the Bible], “I love Christ”, and “winner”.  Bustamite acts and opens up the Root Chakra and the Sacral Chakra as well.


652 92 71 1025 53

Pink Opal is a crystal of love and gentleness; it brings positive energy and gentle love, joy and kindness, inspiration, imagination and creativity; its meaning is associated with “Women”, “Paradise”, and “Holy love”.  Pink Opal is working well on the Heart Chakra.


289 260 92 1702 85

Tiger’s Eye is a crystal of wealth; it increases your self-esteem and spiritual well-being, protects and cleanses the aura; it has been used to treat the throat and reproductive system disorders.  Tiger’s eye is a gemstone of the Solar Plexus Chakra; it means “wealthy”, “brilliant”, “beauty”, “rescue or save”, and is associated with the Gematria of Amun Ra [god of Egypt].


317 261 131 111 307

Amber is my favorite crystal - it gives us very positive energy, calmness, and increases our intellectual abilities; it opens and cleanses all Chakras, removes negativity, creates patience, romantic love, sensuality, purification, balance, and spiritual healing [brings in a good luck for love and marriage]; Amber works particularly well on the Sacral Chakra.  The gemstone Amber is one of the birthstones listed for the Sun Sign for Taurus.

Finally, you can finish your relaxation-meditation with this footage video: Spectacular "drone motion pictures" that capture Northern Lights over Iceland - "the Northern Lights season" - typically runs from September to mid-April, providing a breathtaking celestial display:

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