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San Antonio Spurs - Golden State Warriors - Oct 25

San Antonio Spurs opening game - October 25, 2016 - at the Oracle Arena: Spurs 129-100 Warriors
October 26, 2016 1:01 PM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: October 24, 2017 9:17 AM EST

The Spurs defeated the Warriors in convincing fashion in their opening night. They've controlled Golden State for 48 mins., and came away with a 129-100 win at Oracle Arena. Kawhi Leonard recorded a career-high 35 points on 10-of-21 shooting, adding 5 rebounds, 5 steals and 3 assists, while LaMarcus Aldridge finished with his first double-double of the season (26 pts. and 14 rbs.). G. State were crushed on the boards 54-35 - Spurs had 20 offensive rebounds. They led in 2nd chance points too, 24-4, and had a 20 point-lead, before winning by 29.  What I saw in this game is that Golden State Warriors do not have solid presence in the middle, no big men to confront the Spurs - they are simply "a small ball team" at the moment.  Coach Pop took great advantage of that, and we crushed the boards on both ends. This enabled our great victory last night! Let's analyze the statistics first:

Kawhi Leonard played 32 mins. and took exactly 21 shots [Tim Duncan's number] for the game. If we add his rebs + asts + stls (5+3+5) = 13. The meaning of 21 in the Bible is an outgrowth of 13, so again we get an indirect "tribute" to Timmy's number with those stats.  The name "Tim" = 13 in Latin Reduct. Gematria. LaMarcus Aldridge played 35 mins. [equal Kawhi's 35 points]. 35 stands for "cheer up, hills". If we add his pts+rebs+asts+stls (26+14+3+1) = 44.  44 in Hebrew stands for "to crush, a spark, a measure [for success]". Tony Parker played 26 mins. [26 -is Tetragrammaton - the Hebrew name of God], and he scored 9 pts. [He wears number 9; also 9 is the number of the "truth"].  David Lee played 11 mins., and finished with 6 pts., 6 rebs, and 2 asts. If we add his stats (6+6+2), we get to number 14.   14 means "basket, shine, a pillar", which is in line with his Gematria of 37. I really like Dewayne Dedmon - he was excellent for his 17 mins. on the floor - he was up to the task - great rebounding [8 boards], 1 stl, and 2 blks; what more can the Spurs ask for? He successfully replaced 'Timmy's stats' on defense in this game. Patty Mills was just terrific - he not only contributed in the offense by scoring 11 pts., but had 5 asts, 4 stls, and 1 reb. His total pts + rebs + asts + stls equal 21 [Tim Duncan's number]. Ginobili also joined the "Tim Duncan's Tribute" group by playing exactly 21 mins., as he finished with 10 pts., 5 rebs, 2 asts, and 1 stl. However, the spotlight of the night was Jonathan Simmons - he was outstanding on the court - great defense by blocking Curry's layup in the 2nd half, he finished up with 20 pts., 4 rebs, 3 asts, and 1 blk., i.e. his stats equal 28 - the exact number of mins. he played.   The Spurs were really good in switching defense on the Warriors key players - Durant was guarded by several players one on one. When Golden State made a run, the Spurs were right there to "weather the storm" and restore their lead of 14 pts. Spurs executed this game to perfection and deserved to win it by 29 points. Game highlights:

Analysis: For Conspiracy Theorists, believing in the idea of "constantly rigged games in the NBA", here are some interesting Gematria codes: Spurs scored 31 pts. in the 1st quarter [a tribute to Tim Duncan and TNT]. The name "Tim Duncan" = 31 in Latin Reduction Gematria. The word "TNT" = 62 in English Kabbalah. [62 is a multiple of 31]; Points scored in the 1st Quarter: 51.  51 has 4 divisors: 1, 3, 17, 51. The Sum of the divisors is: 72. The phrase "rigged nba games" =72 in Latin Reduction Gematria; Points scored in the 2nd Quarter: 59. The phrase "fixed NBA games" = 59 in Latin Reduction Gematria.  Also, "NBA conspiracy" =59 in Latin Reduction Gematria. The score at the half was Spurs 64-46 Warriors.  The sentence "Manipulated NBA games" = 646 in Latin Gematria, so you can see how this number is a "mirror reflection" of the score in the 1st half with 4 in the middle of it. Points scored at the Half: 110. The phrase "San Antonio" = 110 in English Kabbalah. The total of points scored in the game was 229 points. The sentence "rigged basketball" = 229 in English Kabbalah. San Antonio Spurs scored 129 pts. The phrase "fixed nba" = 129 in English Kabbalah. The Golden State Warriors scored exactly 100 pts. 100 in Hebrew means "fate or death" [someone is going down, in this case - losing]. Spurs won by 29 pts. this game. 29 stands for "crush, break, crushing, to tread to pieces,"Yah[God] Presented" [Spurs won big, by the act of God], to fabricate or to lie [in this case the game, the score]".  Lastly, I want to go back to the Spurs hero - Kawhi Leonard, who played exactly 32 minutes. The phrase "Black Magic" = 32 in Latin Reduction Gematria.  Just to remind, in the recent stories that came out about the deaths of the UFO expert Max Spiers and the fashion designer Richard Nicoll, the "black magic" was discussed.  

Finally, here are a few more stats about the game: The Spurs’ 29-point margin is the largest of victory on the road in the club's history. It was the 2nd-largest opening-night win ever, regardless of location, trailing only the 140-99 victory over Dallas to start the 1991-92 campaign. This was Warriors’ largest loss at home, in any game, since the 130-97 loss vs. the LA Lakers in Nov. 2009, in Steph Curry’s rookie season.  Gregg Popovich improved to 18-2 in season-openers, the best winning percentage of all-time (of minimum 10 games). Next Spurs stop: Another road game at Sacramento vs. the Kings on Thursday.

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