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Spurs 98-79 NO, Spurs 106-99 Heat, Spurs 91-106 Jazz

San Antonio Spurs played 2 NBA Games at home and 1 on the road between Oct 30 and Nov 02, 2016
November 1, 2016 9:37 AM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: October 24, 2017 9:17 AM EST

The San Antonio Spurs registered 2 victories and 1 loss this past week:  They played against the New Orleans Pelicans and Utah Jazz at home, and vs. Miami Heat on the road. Here are the results:  Spurs 98-79 Pelicans, Spurs 106-99 Miami Heat, and Spurs 91-106 Jazz.  Before continuing with the full reports, please, look at the photo above, and add the numbers of the players' jerseys 17+27+8 = 52.  52 means "Yah is God", beast of burden, wild beast(s) [connecting to the number of the Beast '666'], to strive after something, "Hill"-Spurs could reach the Hill=title, this season. The word "Spurs" =520 in Latin Gematria, and taking into account zero is generally omitted in Hebrew meanings of numbers, 520 could be viewed as 52, i.e., a tribute to the Spurs with that photo. Note, the word "Conspiracy" = 52 in Latin Reduction Gematria. Therefore, for Conspiracy Theorists, here is your clue - "Fixed Game" = 104 in Eng. Kabbalah. The NBA's famous slogan - "Where Amazing Happens" = 104 in Latin Reduction Gematria.  Note, the numbers 52, 104, 156 [156th Prime is 911] are Multiples of 52, i.e. 52104156 are deeply connected. 52 also has multiples 13, 26. The word "Basketball" = 26 in Latin Reduction Gematria. [You see how we connect 'all dots' from just 1 photo?]. On October 30, the Spurs defeated the New Orleans Pelicans 98-79. See here for additional info on it. The interesting fact is, the Pelicans were held just to 34 points in the 2nd half, which matched the headlines of [plenty] mainstream media articles about "34% 'less likely' to vote for H. Clinton", published in the same day.  Here is more conspiracy to all, believing in the idea of "constantly rigged games in the NBA": The total points scored in the game - 177 points. The phrase "NBA is Black Magic" = 177 in English Kabbalah. The sentence "one hundred seventy seven" = 114 in Latin Reduction Gematria. Note, the phrase "Black Magic" = 114 as well, in English Kabbalah. San Antonio Spurs scored 98 pts. Note, the phrase "Black Magic Rule" = 49 in Latin Reduction Gematria. 49 is a multiple of 98, so they are deeply connected. Lastly, the Pelicans scored exactly 79 pts. The phrase "Black Magic Manipulation" = 79 in Latin Reduction Gematria. See our work on "Black Magic" here. On October 31 (next day in B2B games), the Spurs beat the Miami Heat on the road: 106-99. It was very impressive victory for the Spurs, taking into account, they were not fully rested, with travel overnight.   Kawhi Leonard scored 14 of his 27 points in the final 6 mins. of the game, doing so, with a bandage under his right eye. Paul Gasol was "the man" for the Spurs for 48 mins. with 20 pts., 11 rebs., 3 asts., 2 blocks. He played 31 mins. The name "Tim Duncan" = 31 in Latin Reduction Gematria. Spurs scored 106 pts. The word "Basketball" = 106 in English Kabbalah. The total points scored in the game - 205 points. The phrase  "Special Interest's rule" = 205 in English Kabbalah.  See Spurs highlights below:

On Nov. 1st, Tuesday, San Antonio played the Utah Jazz at the ATT center. The Spurs gave up too many points to the visitors (28-38) in the the 1st quarter, then the "silver and black" team spent tremendous energy to get back into the game, but did not have it for 48 mins. to gain anything for themselves, and lost miserably 91-106. Click here for additional info. Utah dominated in both ends: they shot amazingly 48% from 3s, and 50% overall [Spurs' defense was not there]. Utah scored 106 points, i.e. the same number of points San Antonio had in the prior game vs. the Heat (being in the winning side), indicating the word "basketball" [in English Kabbalah].  Spurs basically gave up this game. Before the start of the match, the sports' pundits discussed Utah Jazz's "plodding pace" of games, something we did not see Tuesday; to the contrary, Utah played a fast-tempo basketball game, which surprised the Spurs. Next Spurs stop: Same 2 teams play at Vivint Smart Home Arena, Salt Lake City, on Friday, November 4th.

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