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L. Aldridge Inducted to U.T.H.H.: the 'Sign of the Horns'

The 60th year class of UT Athletics Hall of Honor adds LaMarcus Aldridge, L. Davis, A. Peirsol, & A. Ross
October 18, 2016 12:12 PM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: July 11, 2017 1:42 PM EST

Spurs forward LaMarcus Aldridge is being inducted into the Texas Athletics Hall of Honor on October 14. Aldridge, who starred for the Longhorns from 2004-06, was part of a men’s Hall of Honor class that also included football players Leonard Davis and Aaron Ross, basketball player Jimmy Blacklock, swimmer Aaron Piersol and sports information director John Bianco. LaMarcus Aldridge led the Longhorns to the Big 12 Conf. reg. season title and the "Elite Eight" of the NCAA Tournament, while earning Big 12 Def. Player of the Year award. See video of the entire event:

From Aldridge's birthday, July 19, 1985, until October 14, 2016, there is a time span of 31 years, 2 mo., 25 days, excluding the end date. 31 means "a strong or mighty one, a hero, strength, power, God, Love of Yah [God]".  Also, 2 mo. and 25 days could make the number 225, which stands for "Worthy Gift, he shines forth, founded by Yah [God], a feast or banquet". This is the 60th Men's Hall of Honor class. 60 means "Brilliance, support, a basket, succeed". Therefore, it appears clearly Aldgidge got his admission into the Hall of Honor "by the numbers", on a perfect date, aligned with excellent Gematria codes. Lastly, if you look at the photo and the video, all new members of the Hall of Honor show the "Sign of the Horns".  We all know, that "Hook 'em Horns" is the slogan and hand signal of the University of Texas at Austin. Students and alumni of the university employ a greeting, consisting of the phrase "Hook 'em" or "Hook 'em Horns", and also use the phrase as a parting "good-bye" or as the closing line in a letter or story.  The meaning of the "Sign of the Horns" also is a gesture of banishing.  S. Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, first used this hand gesture far back in c. 500 BCE. He used it for warding off evil [spiritual protection]. So when someone points this gesture towards another individual, the meaning is warding off evil, banishing the person the hand is point at. The sign is also considered a sexual fetish gesture, showing that your committed partner is choosing to have sex with someone else. Nevertheless, this sign is the same as the Italian Mano Cornuto (Horned Hand), commonly depicted on charms against evil's eye. In some literature this hand gesture is a sign of one’s allegiance to Satan [Devil's greetings]. 

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UPDATE: April 16-18 '17Bryce Harper from the Washington Nats drives a walk-off 3-run home run to center field in the bottom of the 9th inning, giving the Nationals a 6-4 win over the Phillies. See him showing the "Sign of the Horns" (click below): Just to remind, recently, some people use the horn sign as a symbol of satanic belief; it is evolved from its use by heavy metal musicians.

Note, the Gematria of his name: "Bryce Harper" = 133 in English Kabbalah #2 (EK#2), but so that "Black Magic ring" = 133 in English Kabbalah #3(EK#3); "Secret Society"=133 in EK#3. Also, "Bryce Harper"=58  in LatinRG, but "Freemasonry"=58 in LatinRG. Hence, the use of the ‘horn sign’ with the thumb “being released” could also mean the sign "of love" or simply a “Rock on!” sign [tied to the 'devil sign'].

Speaking of the "Sign of the Horns" phrase, let see its Gematria: "Sign of the Horns" = 173 in EK#1, and "Sign of the Horns" = 1303 in Latin Expanded Gematria #2(LEG#2). 1303 is March 13. Incidentally, Fox  News channel published  a news story on March 13, 2017 about 'rhino horns' and their trade? See here the full article; note, a phrase "rhino horn trade"=173 in EK#2, matching exactly the 'Sign of the Horns' Gematria. Do you see how the script works? Our calculators work perfectly to say the least. Everything is connected in the Life Matrix.

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