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Boston Celtics - Cleveland Cavaliers - NBA

Our FREE Pick - May 19, 2017, BONUS - MLB - May 20-23
May 19, 2017 3:30 PM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: May 23, 2017 1:43 AM EST


Sport Event name Prediction
Basketball - NBA  Boston C.  - Cl. Cavaliers
(Option 'Alt. Total Line')
Gm. Total (O. 210.5 p.) 
1.41 (-250) (Bet365)

Wager: $200. NBA Playoffs continue tonight: Boston Celtics will play the Cleveland Cavaliers at the TD Garden tonight. The game will be available on TNT, C+D, with tip-off set for 8:30 pm ET.  Boston Celtics are coming off a heavy loss in Game 1 of the series at home.  It was expected, since the team had a tough 7-game series against WAS; For Game 2 the 'general public' already is predicting across the board a low scoring game, and recommend to us to Bet on 'Under' 218 points.  Hence, we herebelieve, both teams shall cover the "Alternative Game Totals Line" @ 210.5 points @ Bet365. With that, we pick the 'Alternative Game Totals Line' of Over 210.5 points 1.41. Click here to see odds systems.  Unless otherwise stated, our wager is $100. (see the above photo L.J. & "Sign of the Horns" - read our article).

UPDATE, May 20, 2017 - FINAL Result:  Boston Celtics 86-130 Cleveland Cavaliers.  Cavaliers destroyed Boston and posted an NBA playoff-record, 41-pnt. halftime lead, also a franchise record for total points; A 13th consecutive playoff win, tying another league record. L.J. scored 30 points before resting in the 4th quarter. Kevin Love had 21 points and 12 rebounds for Cleveland. See the points both teams scored and the total: Boston scored 86 points, Cleveland 130, but "Black Magic" = 86 in Latin Gematria and = 130 in English Kabbalah #2 (EK#2). The total of 216 pts. makes 6x6x6 or 666. Our Bet is a winner: $200 investment returns $282, $82 Net Profit, 41% ROI.

BONUS PickMatrix888May 20. Our 2nd pick, MLB: Phil. Phillies - P. Pirates, 4:05 pm EST.  The Pirates will play their game 2 of the series vs. the Phillies. Yesterday, the Phillies delivered a surprise as beating the Pirates by 5 runs, totally unexpected by anyone, i.e., probably a "sellout" game. The Pirates' right-hander Nova will start vs. the Phillies' V. Velasquez at PNC Park. Nova has pitched at least 6 innings in all 8 of his starts, including two complete games and a 4-0 shutout win over the Marlins on April 29, while Velasquez has only made it through 6 innings in 3 of his 7 starts. Velasquez is 2-3 with a 5.63 ERA this season. Nova is underperforming so far in the month of May, so it is about time for him to deliver a strong game and pick up a win. We play again "both sides":  Hence, we pick Pittsburgh Pirates with the spread of (+1.5) runs, @ BET3651.42 (-230). Wager: $150.

UPDATE, May 21, 2017: P. Pirates 6-3 Phil. Phillies. P. Pirates beat the Phillies by three runs and easily covered the spread of (+1.5 Runs), as we expected. Nova held the visitors to three runs in 7+ innings, recording 14 outs. Our Bet wins: $150 investment returns $213$63 Net Profit42% ROI. We now won 3 straight picks. The final score 6-3 makes a familiar number: 63.  Note, "six six six" (666) = 63 in Latin Reduction Gematria (LRG).

BONUS PickMatrix888May 21. Our 3rd pick, MLBArizona DIA - S.D. Padres, 4:40 pm ET. Arizona DIA will play their final game of the series against the Padres at Petco Park. Arizona has been nothing, but money, as of late: they had 19 runs in the last 2 games, just destroying San Diego. Z. Godley will start for DIA; and he has posted 1.93 ERA and allowed two runs or fewer in each of his 3 starts. He picked up a no-decision against the Mets on Monday. Cl. Richard will start for San Diego. Hence, we pick Arizona DIA with the spread of (+1.5 runs), @ BET3651.30 (-320). Wager: $150UPDATESD Padres 5-Arizona DIA.  Padres beat the DIA: Cl. Richard allowed just 1 run, with a complete game, as S.D. avoided a sweep by beating the D-backs, who could not cover the spread of (+1.5 Runs), so our Bet is a loss (-$150). Finally, we could lose a baseball game:), but we will make it up. We lost a 12-T. Parlay because of DIA.

BONUS Pick: Free Pick from V. F., a former BookMaker. His pick: Italy Serie A: Lazio - Inter, (20:45 CET): Opt. "Both teams to Score"@ B3651.45 (-230). Wager: $250Matrix is not affiliated with V.F.; UPDATE: Lazio 1-3  Inter. Both teams scored, our guest won again: $250 returns $362$112 Net Profit, 45% ROI. V.F. won 7 of his last 8!

UPDATE May 23:  There were NO Free Picks given yesterday, hence, we did great with a 7-team Parlay: winning again - see here.

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Milo Georgieff commented on Monday 22nd of May 2017 01:53 PM
Thank you, I will
In reply to: #Lazio
Lazio commented on Monday 22nd of May 2017 01:52 PM
Great pick on Lazio-Inter, send me best regards to your bookie V.F.
Commented by: #Milo Georgieff


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