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Daily Special Sports VIP Picks: $29.98 -1 to 3 games!

PLEASE, OBTAIN OUR SPECIAL SPORTS VIP PICKS TODAY for $29.98 per Day, at least 1-3 Picks! Our team provides comprehensive analysis of NHL games! 60 Years combined overall Betting experience!
January 3, 2022 8:00 AM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: January 28, 2022 7:56 AM EST


Here is Our Special Page for Special 1-Day VIP Picks Subscription. This is designed for people, who, currently are not ready to pay the Full Annual Subscription Cost of the Website participation.

We Offer Sports VIP Pick is $29.98 between 1 and 3 per day- Please, click below on the PayPal banner(s) to Pay one time Fee of $29.98 for Day Picks, as you will receive an Access to the Premier Page as well, so you can view what is posted currently by all Cappers (this is your BONUS!). Once you pay $29.98, you have the choice to go/click on "Register"; then follow the simple Steps by putting your name and an email, generated code, and click to agree on the Terms and Conditions, and the system will generate a 1-Day Pass-Account for you! This will be your account for future use, if you desire to Buy more VIP Picks, or Our Monthly or Annual Subscription Plans. If you desire not to Register at this point, then, after your Payment goes through, we will send you the protected page password to view the VIP Sports Pick via Threema Swiss phone APP or by an email.

We Offer a GUARANTEE on the VIP Picks: If such a Pick or the day-pass do not win or show a profit, you will receive a website credit in the amount of your purchase to use towards accessing future 1-Day-pass-Pick subscription.

Here is an example scenario. If you purchase $29.98 Picks Subscription, and it does not show a profit, your account will be credited with 1 FREE VIP Pick(s)-day-pass in the following day(s).

Enjoy! All the Best to ALL, and GOOD Luck! The Creator with us!!!! Blessings!

/Please, check our full Track Record: click on 'Track Record' and "Free Pick" tab. Our TR is outstanding!/

To make a
1-Day Pass Sport VIP Picks purchase today, simply click on the PayPal banner(s) below - Thank You! We Appreciate Your Business!


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Milo commented on Friday 28th of January 2022 03:52 PM
Hi Folks:

Please, proceed to the TAB "Daily Picks" in order to view and purchase the Daily $29.98 VIP package! It is actually he very same page, but all Picks are listed there in the Comments!

Thank you! Blessings!


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