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Cork City - Shamrock Rovers - Ireland Pr. League

Our FREE Pick - May 26, 2017, BONUS May 28-29, Tennis - May 30
May 26, 2017 11:30 AM EST by Milo Georgieff UPDATED: May 30, 2017 3:28 AM EST


Sport Event name Prediction
Soccer - Ireland Pr.L.  Cork City - Shamrock Rovers
(Option "H/T result")
Cork City (H/T) - (ML)
1.90 (-110) Bet365

Wager: $150. Round 16 of Ireland Prem. League is today: Cork City and Shamrock Rovers will meet face to face at 20:45 p.m. CET at Turner's Cross (Cork). Cork is very stable at the top of the Division with 43 points, and nobody below has a slight chance to replace them in the standings. Cork is doing extremely well this year, having won all of their 7 games at home. Shamrock is 5th in the standings with only 22 points, and they shall keep those after this game. They have a terrible record on the road: 5 losses and 2 wins. In the last 2 games at home, Cork scored total of 10 goals, trashing their opponents.  Hence, we expect Cork City to get the victory again tonight and score some goals at the half as well. With that, we pick Cork City with the opt. "Half/Time win Money Line", Bet365 @ (-110). Click here for odds systems. Unless stated otherwise, our wager is $100. UPDATE: We ended up with very bad luck in the 1st half of this game. The hosts have decided to "get some sleep" in the opening minutes of the game, and allowed a goal scored by Shamrock, their only shot in the entire half. The visitors were able to get to Cork City's penalty area only 2 times in the 1st 45 mins. of play.  The shots were in favor of the hosts Cork C., as expected: 13-1 with 4 corners, but they were able to score only 1 goal, later in the half, just to tie the game after 45'. Not enough for our Bet to win. We continue playing below: 

BONUS: LIVE BET: current score Cork City 1-1 Shamrock Rovers, H/T. Bet: Cork City to win, Money Line @ Bet365, 1.66 (-150). See odds systems. Wager: $500.

UPDATE May 26, 2017FINAL Result: Cork City 4-1 Shamrock Rovers.  Cork City destroyed Rovers by 4 goals to 1 in the 2nd half on Friday night Irish football, as we predicted. Cork C. had an overwelming advantage, as they recorded 24 SOG vs. only 6 for the visitors, plus 10 corners. Our BONUS Bet turned to be a huge winner: $500 returns $830$330 Profit, 66% ROI, covering the (-$150) loss from the 1st half, and setting a Net Profit for the entire game of $180, or 28% ROI, still great! This is the only way you could recover from a lost Bet (especially when you play 'both sides' by buying points, goals, or runs), i.e., to find an opportunity and load up a larger wager (LIVE Bets are perfect for that!).

BONUS PickMatrix888May 28. Our 3rd pick, MLB:  L.A. Dodgers - Chicago Cubs, 4:10 pm ET.  The L.A. Dodgers have shut the Cubs out on 2 consecutive nights and will try to complete the sweep today in Game 3, which will feature 2 high-profile lefty aces in Cl. Kershaw and J. Lester. Kershaw (7-2) brings his 2.01 ERA against the Cubs. Lester (3-2) is coming off a 99-pitch complete-game win against the Giants, in which he struck out a season-high 10 batters. With that, we pick the option "Alternative Game Total" Under 8 runs @ BET3651.36 (-250)Wager: $200UPDATEL.A. Dodgers 9-4 Chicago Cubs. Dodgers destroyed the Cubs by 5 runs: Bellinger, Hernandez, Barnes and Puig homered for the Dodgers. The 2 teams combined for 22 hits (?) off the power lefties Kershaw and Lester (?) with a total of 13 runs, which clearly tells how brutally fixed this game was. As we mentioned many times, 22 is a number used to manipulate the public mind. Anyway, our bet is a loss of (-$200), so we will seek to recover quickly.

BONUSMatrix888May 29LIVE BETTennisFrench Op.Yuichi Sugita 1-2 Steve Johnson, 4th Set. Bet: Yuichi Sugita to win the match, M. Line @ Bet3653.00 (+200)See odds systems. Wager: $100. UPDATE: Yuichi Sugita 2-3 Steve Johnson. Sugita lost a very close match 2-3 after he tied the Sets at 2-2. It was worth pursuing the surprise, since the odds were too high for Sugita to win, but he fell short in the end. Our Bet lost (-$100).

BONUSMatrix888May 30LIVE BETTennisChina ITFDuan/Feng 1-1 Gong/Hui, 1 S. Bet: "Duan/Feng wins the Race to Game 4, Set 1, M. Line" @ Bet3651.44See odds systems. Wager: $1,000UPDATE: Duan/Feng won the Race to Game 4 vs. Gong/Hui in the 1st Set, as they took 3-1 lead and won Games 2,3,4 in convincing fashion, as projected. Our BONUS Bet is a great winner: $1,000 returns $1,440, or $440 Net Profit, 44% ROI, covering (-$300) losses from above, and leaving us with a Net Profit of $140, or 11% total ROI after all.  This is how really works when you need to recover losses: use LIVE Bets to catch the bookies off guard.

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